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WWE suspends Andrade for wellness violation, angle on Raw set up to explain absence

WWE suspends Andrade for wellness violation, angle on Raw set up to explain absence
WWE suspended Andrade for failing their Wellness Policy. Pic credit: WWE

WWE has cracked down on wrestlers harsher than before, or more superstars are pushing the limits of the rules. Andrade is now the third WWE superstar in the past two months to pick up a wellness violation suspension.

Pro Wrestling Sheet’s Ryan Satin (who also works for WWE) reported that WWE suspended Andrade for violating the official Wellness Policy.

Andrade suspension

According to Ryan Satin, Andrade learned of his suspension on Monday morning, and the company then figured out a way to write him off of television later that day.

While WWE did just that on Monday Night Raw, they will reportedly reveal the suspension on the WWE corporate website shortly, as they need to remain transparent with their investors.

This suspension is the first of the new year, but there were two other suspensions in December 2019.

Both Robert Roode and Primo Colon were suspended for failing the Wellness Policy at that time. Roode, a full-time WWE superstar, was written off of television when Roman Reigns put him through a table.

Primo Colon was a strange case, as he is not even wrestling for WWE and has been in Puerto Rico working for his family’s wrestling company. Colon claims he was suspended for not traveling to the U.S. to take the test.

After Robert Roode’s suspension, he returned to WWE and has been prominent in storylines on Friday Night SmackDown on Fox, showing that a suspension is not the end for a superstar if they serve their time.

Andrade written off WWE television

WWE wrote Andrade off TV almost the same way it did Robert Roode.

Andrade, the United States Champion, has been feuding with Humberto Carrillo, and the two had a match on the pre-show of the 2020 WWE Royal Rumble the night before.

Andrade won that match, and the two had a rematch on Monday Night Raw.

As expected, it also did not have a clean ending, as Zelina Vega ran in and caused the disqualification for Andrade. While Carrillo won, titles can’t change hands by DQ.

Last month, Andrade put Carrillo out of action by dropping him headfirst onto a concrete floor, and after Andrade and Zelina caused the DQ to save the title, Carrillo got revenge.

In a shocking move, the clean-cut babyfaced Carrillo attacked Andrade after the match. He beat him down, pulled up the floor mats, and drove Andrade headfirst into the concrete, taking him out for what looks to be at least 30 days.

WWE Monday Night Raw airs on USA Network at 8/7c.

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