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WWE superstar Rusev claims he is a ‘soon to be free agent’

CM Punk reveals how he would wrap up the Rusev-Lana-Bobby Lashley angle in WWE
Rusev said he will be a free agent soon. Pic credit: WWE

In an interesting move and one that will get people talking, WWE superstar Rusev has changed his Twitter bio and it is a change that fans of WWE might start to worry about.

411mania took a screencap of the front page of Rusev’s Twitter bio. The change was Rusev calling himself a “soon to be free agent.”

In November 2019, there were rumors he re-signed with WWE but he denied those rumors.

As 2019 ended, Rusev found himself in the main event spot on Monday Night Raw, but it wasn’t a match — it was the wedding angle for Bobby Lashley and Lana, Rusev’s real-life wife.

While fans seem to hate the angle with a passion, the 10 million-plus views it received on YouTube and the good ratings the overplay received on USA Network makes it seem WWE loves the new non-wrestling angle.

In a surprising moment, Rusev defended the angle and said that he supported it. According to Rusev, if people only want to watch wrestling matches, that is fine, but WWE is all about entertaining fans and this angle is entertaining fans.

However, many fans are just hoping Rusev is playing the company line and won’t be sticking around WWE once his contract ends. It has been a long time since Rusev has been in a main event angle that involves a title.

Rusev has never gotten a real chance to work a feud for a world title and he is more than worthy, with a great in-ring skillset and an ability to get over with the fans no matter how silly — or melodramatic — the angle.

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Rusev’s WWE contract expires in 2020 and while his wife Lana is getting a lot of screentime and a chance to show her stuff in the divorce angle, there is a chance Rusev might want something more significant from his career.

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