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WWE superstar Roman Reigns reveals who would win a fight between him and Ronda Rousey

WWE superstar Roman Reigns reveals who would win a fight between him and Ronda Rousey
Roman Reigns talks about fighting Ronda Rousey. Pic credit: WWE

Roman Reigns appeared on the Elvis Duran Show before WWE WrestleMania 35 and one of his answers to a question just started making the rounds.

In the interview, he was asked what would happen in a fight between him and Ronda Rousey — if it had to happen.

Reigns revealed that he wouldn’t have much of a chance in a fight with Ronda Rousey, via Express UK.

“She’s going to chop my arms off me,” Reigns said. “If she gets a hold of one, she going to break that thing. I think I can take a punch from her but she would snap my arm like a twig.”

There is a huge difference between Roman Reigns and Ronda Rousey. He is a former football player who was trained to be a professional wrestler — which is basically a very athletic actor.

Ronda Rousey is a trained fighter, with judo training who actually competed in the Olympics. She was a UFC fighter who had to win real fights to hold her title.

There is the question of their size difference, with Roman Reigns standing 6’3″ and weighing 265 pounds. On the other hand, Ronda Rousey stands 5’7″ and weighs 134 pounds.

However, it doesn’t matter how big someone is because their limbs can break just as easily as anyone else’s.

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