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WWE superstar Randy Orton being investigated for misconduct in the locker room

WWE superstar Randy Orton being investigated for misconduct in the locker room
Will stories of Randy Orton’s pranks be his downfall? — Pic credit: WWE

WWE superstar Randy Orton was the youngest world champion in company history and with that came the immaturity of a young man.

Orton is a second-generation star, the son of the legendary Cowboy Bob Orton, and therefore grew up in the professional wrestling locker rooms of the ’70s and ’80s.

The stories of his pranks have been around for years and include some very disgusting stories told about him by fellow wrestlers and other personalities who have been around him in the locker room.

However, despite the stories existing for well over a decade now, new allegations have hit from Orton’s past due to a podcast dug up online where former WWE writer Court Bauer talked about one specific prank.

Much like recent allegations against Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn, where comments he made on Twitter many years ago caused his dismissal from that franchise, it looks like people online want to dig up dirt on Orton to get him into trouble.

It seems to be working at this time as The Wrestling Observer reports that the WWE is investigating the allegations against Orton. Randy Orton is currently not scheduled for a match at SummerSlam this weekend.

Those allegations indicate that Randy Orton would haze new writers in the WWE by pulling out his privates, rubbing them in front of the writer, and then asking them to shake his hands afterward.

Now, others have spoken out about these allegations from Orton’s past.

Wrestling Inc brought up a 2017 interview with Mr. Anderson, the former WWE star said that Orton would often come out of the shower naked and dip his parts into Anderson’s wrestling boots.

“He used to do stuff like this and we’d be riding in the car and I’d be like, ‘Randy, there’s no one else around to find that funny,’” Anderson said.

Movie star and former WWE writer Freddie Prinze Jr. had a funny comment on Twitter about it when a fan asked if he ever shook hands with Randy Orton.

Finally, former WWE creative writer Kevin Eck said that he has no comments about Orton’s backstage behavior in his Sporting News column but did offhandedly say: “I always avoided shaking hands with him during my time on the WWE creative team.”

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