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WWE superstar Matt Riddle doesn’t want to wrestle John Cena, he wants to fight him

WWE superstar Matt Riddle doesn't want to wrestle John Cena, he wants to fight him
Matt Riddle wants to fight John Cena in the WWE. Pic credit: WWE

Former UFC fighter and current WWE NXT superstar Matt Riddle was stopped by TMZ and asked some questions about his new career in the WWE.

He had some very interesting things to say, specifically surrounding NXT and its rise in prestige. However, his best comment came when asked about who he would love to wrestle from the main WWE roster — John Cena.

Matt Riddle wants to fight John Cena

When asked if he wanted to move up to the main WWE roster, Matt Riddle said that he would like to but then again — maybe not.

It was a perfect answer by the man known as the King of the Bros.

However, an even better answer came when asked who he would like to wrestle on the main roster. His first choice was Cesaro because he is “so athletic and stuff like this,” but then he changed his mind.

“After going to Madison Square Garden and having a chat with John Cena, I think wanna fight John Cena. I mean, he might want to wrestle, but I kind of want to fight him and see where it goes.”

Matt Riddle

This was hilarious and completely fit into the persona of Matt Riddle. There is no telling what happened at Madison Square Garden, but something says that Cena probably won’t want to get into the ring with Riddle anytime soon.

Matt Riddle on the relationship WWE and NXT

After some thought, Riddle also decided he might not want to move to the main roster and just stick with WWE NXT.

His reasoning isn’t that he would stay in “developmental” but that he feels that WWE NXT is better than Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live right now.

“We’re fresh, and we’re not the same watered down child’s product that WWE has kind of turned into a lot.”

Matt Riddle

He also made some comments about not going up to Raw or SmackDown and prefers to work on making NXT bigger than either of those shows. He said that it isn’t impossible.

“The big thing is Vince [McMahon] owns RAW, SmackDown— he owns everything, and those are his babies. He’s had them forever. So, I think the probability of NXT taking over at that level is probably hard. But at the same time, I don’t see it too far from the future with us being on the same playing field as RAW and SmackDown.”

Matt Riddle

Now, Matt Riddle doesn’t think that McMahon doesn’t own WWE NXT, but by “owns,” he is basically saying that McMahon controls the other two while Triple H runs things in NXT.

Could WWE NXT someday equal or surpass Raw and SmackDown Live? Matt Riddle seems to think so.

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