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WWE superstar Kane talks about possible run for President of the United States

WWE superstar Kane talks about possible run for President of the United States
Kane is the current Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee. Pic credit: WWE

The WWE monster Kane has been out of action for a while since he went into politics. Kane, real name Glenn Jacobs, is the current Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee.

Kane was recently interviewed by Fox News about his move into politics and the current state of the nation.

The thing about Kane is that he is a libertarian and sees too many problems with both the Republicans and Democrats in the nation. He said he is against the current impeachment hearings because it will end up making President Donald Trump look stronger when he survives the hearings.

He also is not happy with the way the country has become divided at the hands of the politicians on both sides, saying the Republican Party needs to move back to their origins.

Kane even has a new book out called Mayor Kane: My Life in Wrestling and in Politics. He said that the book will tell stories of his wrestling career and that “the politics is not of the partisan variety. It’s much more of why I believe what I believe. It’s much more philosophical.”

However, when asked if his foray into politics as a mayor could one day lead to the office of the President of the United States, Kane rejected that notion.

“I can assure you will not see me run for president because, again, I think a lot can be accomplished at the state and local levels. And I think that we often discount the importance of state and local politics because we concentrate so much on federal politics.”

While Glenn Jacobs is not planning to run for the office of the president, there is one thing that Kane seems to want to do in the near future.

TMZ caught up with Kane and asked him who he thought should be inducted into the 2020 WWE Hall of Fame.

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