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WWE superstar Daniel Bryan publicly praises All In pay-per-view

WWE superstar Daniel Bryan publicly praises All In pay-per-view
Daniel Bryan has nothing but praise for All In — Pic credit: WWE

It is rare to see WWE superstars publicly speak about rival wrestling promotions but there are some wrestlers who are at a point in their career where they don’t seem to care.

Daniel Bryan is one of those wrestlers.

The former WWE world champion was a Ring of Honor world champion before that. When he saw that his friends from outside the WWE – Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks – were putting on an independent wrestling show called All In, Bryan was excited.

He then took to Twitter to let everyone know how he really felt about the All In pay-per-view in Chicago.

Bryan said that the “groundswell” with the wrestling community is inspiring to him. He said it is great for the fans and also great for the wrestlers and industry. Bryan finished by saying that he knew it would be an amazing event.

This came after former ECW champion Taz, who also worked for the WWE, said that the event was a great event that could help give some hope to those wrestlers in the WWE who felt like they were not where they wanted to be in their professional wrestling careers.

Daniel Bryan knows all about that. For years it seemed he was fighting an uphill battle in the WWE. Now, wrestlers like him can see what Cody Rhodes has done since leaving the WWE.

They can see how successful The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega can be without wrestling in the WWE. They even saw Chris Jericho show up in a surprising moment, considering again that this event was not sanctioned by the WWE.

There were rumors that Daniel Bryan might leave the WWE when his contract expires – which is right about now. However, the WWE has brought back his wife, Brie Bella, and are advertising Bryan for upcoming shows, so it seems like he is sticking around after all.

Despite that, it is nice to see major stars in the WWE giving props to an event like All In – one that proved to be more entertaining than any WWE PPV event (outside of NXT) in recent memory.