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WWE Super Showdown in Saudi Arabia recap, review and grades: Goldberg vs Undertaker headlines WWE PPV

WWE Super Showdown in Saudi Arabia recap, review and grades: Goldberg vs Undertaker headlines WWE PPV
Goldberg vs. Undertaker headlined Super Showdown in Saudi Arabia. Pic credit: WWE

WWE was back in Saudi Arabia for the third time since they set up their multi-million dollar deal with the Kingdom, this time for the Super Showdown.

Here are the recap, review, and grades for the WWE Super Showdown in Saudi Arabia.

** There was one match on the preshow, with The Usos beating The Revival.

WWE Universal Championship: Seth Rollins vs. Baron Corbin

It seems crazy, but Seth Rollins and his Universal Championship match opened the show, and this meant Brock Lesnar was going to be in and out quick just like WrestleMania 35.

No one expected Baron Corbin to win and Brock Lesnar already said he would cash in.

The fans in the front row appeared normal this time around, whereas the last Saudi Arabia show had dignitaries and people in formal attire in those seats.

Rollins was selling the Brock Lesnar beatdown from Monday Night Raw and had his ribs taped up.

Corbin kept bullying the referee, who finally had enough and got in Corbin’s face. This distracted Corbin, so Rollins wrapped him up and pinned him.

After the match, Corbin attacked Rollins from behind and hit the End of Days. Brock Lesnar came out with his briefcase to cash in.

Seth Rollins hit Lesnar with a low blow and then beat the hell out of Lesnar with a steel chair. Rollins hit the Stomp on to Lesnar, whose face was above the briefcase.

Rollins left Lesnar lying in the ring. When Lesnar finally left, he was beaten all to hell, with cuts, whelps, and a lot of damage.

Winner: Seth Rollins (**)

Intercontinental Championship: Finn Balor vs. Andrade

Since this is Saudi Arabia, Andrade came to the ring without his manager Zelina Vega since women can’t perform in the country.

Finn Balor came out in his Demon persona, including the Demon entrance music and theme. There were even other Demons surrounding him when he first rose for his entrance.

The two fought a very even match with Finn Balor winning with the Coup de Grace after 11 minutes. That was a pretty good match and Andrade looked incredible as well.

Winner: Finn Balor (***)

Shane McMahon vs. Roman Reigns

Shane McMahon has finished up with The Miz and now faced his biggest competition in Roman Reigns. Shane came out by himself and not with his henchmen — Drew McIntyre and Elias — but after his introduction, McIntyre came out to the ring.

Thanks to Shane McMahon calling himself the “best in the world,” even fans in Saudi Arabia chant “CM Punk.” That is funny.

The end came when the referee was hit and as he was trying to clear his eyes, Drew McIntyre ran in and hit Roman Reigns with the Claymore Kick.

After the match, McIntyre carried McMahon up the ramp on his shoulders and Shane got a firework display celebration for the win. Hilarious.

Winner: Shane McMahon (**)

Handicap Match: Lars Sullivan vs. Lucha House Party

Lars Sullivan was actually given a WWE match — his first since making his main roster debut — and battled three Luchadors, including a former United States champion in Kalisto.

The Lucha House Party tried to get a chant going in the match but no one cared. Lars Sullivan was hit in the face and started bleeding from the mouth.

Man, this match was boring and the end came when the referee disqualified Lucha House Party for triple teaming him, which means after months of beating people up, Sullivan couldn’t even win his debut match cleanly.

The Lucha House Party beat down Lars Sullivan and left him laying. Sullivan then beat them up on the ramp as they tried to leave.

This match did no one any favors.

Winner: Lars Sullivan by DQ (1/2 *)

Triple H vs. Randy Orton

Triple H came to the ring on the motorcycle he and Stephanie McMahon rode in on at WrestleMania (but without Stephanie because she is a female and this is Saudi Arabia).

The fans in the crowd loved both the wrestlers. Crazily, these two rivals have not wrestled each other in nine years (March 2010).

Hilariously, even fans in Saudi Arabia chant “NXT” when Triple H is in the ring.

This was a really long and deliberate match. Basically, this was a Triple H match. Triple H kicked out of the RKO and Orton kicked out of the Pedigree.

Shockingly, Triple H lost. He took Orton outside the ring and beat him down after a very long match and then when he followed Orton back in, the RKO Out of Nowhere took down Triple H.

Winner: Randy Orton (** 1/2)

Bobby Lashley vs. Braun Strowman

Roman Reigns and then Lars Sullivan and then Triple H and now Braun Strowman. This was obviously a card of hoss battles.

It also didn’t help that it was100 degrees in Saudi Arabia and these two guys were sweating like pigs before the match even started.

They just tried to outpower each other. Strowman finally won, when he pinned Lashley after a powerslam.

Winner: Braun Strowman (* 1/2)

WWE Championship: Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler

These two put on a decent match but like everyone else on Super Showdown so far, they were moving in slow motion.

What was disappointing was the end where Xavier Woods interfered for Kofi Kingston, meaning the babyface champion needed help to beat Dolph Ziggler.

Regardless, this was the best match on the show so far.

Ironically, backstage Dolph Ziggler was interviewed by Byron Saxton and mentioned that Kofi Kingston was a coward and cheated to win.

Ziggler wants a rematch without any members of New Day there and he said that he wants the match in a steel cage.

Winner: Kofi Kingston (** 1/2)

50-Man Battle Royal

No idea how they thought they could get 50 guys in that ring at one time.

A ton of guys came to the ring together.

The Miz got his own entrance with his theme song.

Samoa Joe also got his own entrance.

Cesaro got his own entrance.

Titus O’Neill got his own entrance?  What? — Ahh, it was a play on him falling and sliding under the ring last year.

Elias got his own entrance to play his guitar on the way to the ring. He then sang a song insulting everyone inside it. The match started and was ridiculous.

EC3 was the first man eliminated and then people started getting tossed quickly to at least make us able to keep track of what was going on.

There was an awesome moment with Authors of Pain, Viking Raiders and Heavy Machinery in the ring facing off at the same time. Viking Raiders were the last of the three teams in standing.

Elias eliminated The Miz.

Final 6: Ricochet, Ali, Elias, Samoa Joe, Cesaro and Mansoor.

Ali and Ricochet teamed up to eliminate Samoa Joe and thenCesaro eliminated both of them. The final two were Elias and the Saudi Arabian NXT star Mansoor who won the match.

This was a huge win because the crowd went nuts, cheering their hometown hero. Wow.

This match was too much but the final six made it completely worth it. He then cut a fiery promo afterward and got fireworks for the win.

Winner: Mansoor (** 1/2)

Undertaker vs. Goldberg

Who wants to bet the entrances for Undertaker and Goldberg lasted longer than the actual match? Plus, having two guys over 50 wrestle outdoors in 100-degree weather is elder abuse.

Goldberg started this match the exact same way he started the Brock Lesnar win with two straight spears but this time no Jackhammer and Undertaker kicked out.

Goldberg missed another spear into the turnbuckle, smashed his head into it and ended up busted open and bleeding.

Undertaker hit Old School but Goldberg seems out of it with the blood loss. Undertaker hit the chokeslam and then the Tombstone but Goldberg kicked out.

Undertaker took the advantage and then hit Snake Eyes but Goldberg hit a spear and then set up for the Jackhammer. He couldn’t get Undertaker up for it and it ended up as just a suplex.

After this, Goldberg went for a Tombstone but Undertaker reversed out and then hit a chokeslam and got this win this time.

Undertaker looked unhappy, which makes sense because that was a good match with a very poor ending stretch with botched moves.

Winner: Undertaker (**)

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