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WWE Stomping Grounds PPV recap, review and grades: Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins join forces

WWE Stomping Grounds PPV recap
Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch at WWE Stomping Grounds. Pic credit: WWE

WWE Stomping Grounds took place tonight in Washington state and saw a massive number of title matches. Here is a look at the recap and grades for the PPV and a look at what worked and what didn’t.

Cruiserweight Championship: Tony Nese vs. Drew Gulak vs. Akira Tozawa

The Cruiserweight Championship was the only match on the WWE Stomping Grounds PPV kickoff show. This was a chance for the 205 Live guys to show why people need to be watching their show every week on WWE Network.

The match was a really good one with a fast pace and some nice contrasting styles and Tozawa flew around and threw hard kicks while both Gulak and Nese used their ground and pound style.

The end was interesting too as Drew Gulak won his first WWE title when he pinned Tozawa, meaning he won the belt without beating Nese, the actual champion coming into the match.

Winner: Drew Gulak (*** 1/2)

Raw Women ‘s Championship: Becky Lynch vs. Lacey Evans

Becky Lynch has the crowd in the palm of her hands in this match as expected. Lacey Evans has really slid into her role as a heel nicely but she needs a good match here to carry her on.

Evans was good, but Lynch doesn’t seem to be as good when just wrestling and needs a violent feud to really bring out her best. Lynch won when Evans stopped to taunt her and that was a mistake.

Winner: Becky Lynch (**)

New Day vs. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn

This match just continues the feud where Kevin Owens replaced Big E in New Day and then betrayed them. Now, with Big E back from injury, they want revenge.

This match looked good on paper with one of the best WWE tag teams of all-time and one of the best tag teams over the last decade (when they aren’t feuding).

It did not fail to impress either, as the two teams put on a clinic in tag team wrestling. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn won when Owens pinned Xavier for the win.

I want to see Kevin Owens and Big E in a singles feud.

Winners: Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn (****)

United States Championship: Samoa Joe vs. Ricochet

This match looked amazing on paper. Shawn Michaels once said that his best matches were against men who were different wrestling styles than he worked — with bigger men providing his best matches.

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With that in mind, the exciting high flying Ricochet against the hard-hitting Samoa Joe looks like it might give Ricochet a chance to really show his stuff.

They did not disappoint as Joe beat the hell out of Ricochet and threw him around but Ricochet kept finding ways to fight back and stay in the match.

There was also some great counters in the match, such as when Joe locked in his choke and Ricochet moved to the ropes, scaled up and over, out of the ring.

In a huge moment, Ricochet hit the Codebreaker (he asked Chris Jericho personally for permission to use it) and then the 630 to pin Joe.

Winner: Ricochet (*** 1/2)

SmackDown Live Tag Team Championship: Daniel Bryan and Rowan vs. Heavy Machinery

To no one’s surprise, Daniel Bryan came out to a huge ovation from the hometown crowd. This match saw Bryan talk about how amazing Heavy Machinery is as athletes but said they goof off too much to be champions.

The fans were behind Bryan this entire match and he turned in a fantastic performance. This was Heavy Machinery’s best match of their WWE career so far and it was all because of Bryan.

Daniel Bryan won the match for his team, pinning Tucker.

Winners: Daniel Bryan and Rowan (*** 1/2)

SmackDown Live Women’s Championship: Bayley vs. Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss has Nikki Cross in her corner. This feud started when Alexa Bliss started saying that Bayley was not as nice as she pretends to be and made allegations of bullying by Bayley in NXT.

Meanwhile, Alexa Bliss has made friends with Nikki Cross and this is her chance to stand up for her friend — especially after Bayley interfered in their shot at the women tag team titles.

While Becky Lynch is the most popular female wrestler on the roster, this match ran circles around Lynch vs. Evans. The heel Bliss fought as the underdog against the bigger and stronger Bayley.

The end came when Bayley tried to hit a dive on Bliss and hit Cross instead. Bliss got Bayley back in the ring and tried to hit Twister Bliss but Nikki ran in and distracted her and then Bayley was able to get her knees up and hit the Bayley to Belly for the win.

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Winner: Bayley (***)

WWE Stomping Grounds the stopped to show Drake Maverick winning the WWE 24/7 Championship last week on Monday Night Raw.  Then, they showed the moment where R-Truth won the title match after Maverick’s wedding.

Backstage, Ricochet was getting photographed with his new United States title. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson showed up to get their photos taken with him. Then, AJ Styles showed up and told Ricochet he will see him tomorrow night.


Roman Reigns vs. Drew McIntyre

This match is happening because Drew McIntyre interfered at Super Showdown in Saudi Arabia to allow Shane McMahon to beat Roman in a match there.

This was a hard hitting match that wasn’t like anything on the show so far. It was also a slow match with a lot of rest holds and a little too much focus on Shane McMahon outside the ring distracting Roman and the ref.

Roman Reigns finally took out Shane McMahon with two Superman Punches, but this gave McIntyre a chance to slam Roman’s head into the announcer’s table and then hit the Book End for only a two count.

Reigns also kicked out of a monster superplex. When Reigns hit the spear, it took McMahon interfering to stop the pin by pulling out the referee, making Drew look a little weak.

McMahon hit the Coast to Coast on Roman Reigns. Drew went for the pin and Reigns still kicked out. Reigns then hit the Superman Punch on Drew, dodged Shane interfering and hit the spear to pin McIntyre.

Superman Roman Reigns is back and Drew McIntyre couldn’t even win with help.

Winner: Roman Reigns (** 1/2)

WWE Championship Steel Cage: Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler

This match was set up at WWE Super Showdown in Saudi Arabia where Kofi Kingston beat Dolph Ziggler in a title match but with the controversy of Xavier Woods kicking Ziggler and interfering.

Ziggler asked for the steel cage match so no one could interfere.

This ended up as a good match but was really long and the fans were not as into it as they should have been. That took a little away from it.

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There were great high points in the match and both guys busted their butts to put on a show. The end was great, as Dolph was trying to crawl out of the cage and then Kofi raced across the ring and dived through the ropes for the win.

Winner: Kofi Kingston (***)

WWE Universal Championship: Seth Rollins vs. Baron Corbin

Baron Corbin got to choose the guest referee for the match and Seth Rollins destroyed everyone with a chair who considered accepting the assignment.

Rollins told Baron that he would do the same thing with whoever he chose.

Baron Corbin chose Lacey Evans to be the referee for the match, which kept Rollins from doing anything physical to her.

Evans demanded the chair from Rollins and Baron attacked from behind, smashing the chair into Rollins back over and over again. Finally, Evans called for the bell and the match started.

Of course, the fans are now chanting for Becky Lynch.

Fans don’t care about Baron Corbin and while he was on the offense, fans started chanting “Daniel Bryan” and then “CM Punk.” It is bad when fans deliver random chants during the main event. Michael Cole claims the fans are “all over Baron Corbin.”

As expected, Lacey Evans kept cheating. She refused to count out Baron Corbin. Evans made the match no count out.

She then refused to deliver a three count when she feigned a hurt shoulder. She refused to disqualify Corbin when he used a chair. Evans then made it no DQ, anything goes.

Fans didn’t really get up and just sat there most the time.

Then, as expected, Rollins used the chair and Lacey Evans refused to count at all. Finally, fans started chanting for Becky Lynch.

Evans slapped Rollins twice and then hit him with a low blow. Becky Lynch finally ran in and beat the hell out of Evans and its no DQ, so she can do anything she wants.

With Evans out, another referee ran down and Rollins won with the Stomp. Lynch came in and celebrated with Rollins, who was all smiles.

Winner: Seth Rollins (** 1/2)

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