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WWE star Matt Riddle starts online feud with Chris Jericho after insulting Bill Goldberg

WWE star Matt Riddle starts online feud with Chris Jericho after insulting Bill Goldberg
Matt Riddle and Chris Jericho are feuding on Twitter. Pic credit: WWE

Chris Jericho may be in AEW and he may have had a rough relationship in the past with Bill Goldberg, but he chose to speak up with WWE NXT star Matt Riddle slammed Goldberg on Twitter.

Riddle has never hidden his dislike of Bill Goldberg, saying that he made a ton of money in WCW but that he is also a bad wrestler, sloppy and easy to injure someone.

Remember, Goldberg ended the career of Bret Hart and almost dropped Undertaker on his head at Super Showdown in Saudi Arabia. Riddle feels Goldberg should stay away.

Someone on Twitter posted a comment Chris Jericho made in his first book about not burying wrestlers because it makes you look bad if you end up wrestling them.

It had nothing to do with Matt Riddle, since he has no plans to ever step into the ring with Goldberg, and when Jericho responded that Riddle should “listen and learn, kid,” it set off Riddle.

Riddle posted a photo of himself looking at the camera in a goofy way in which Jericho responded by making fun of Riddle.

That caused Matt Riddle to post a longish message on Twitter about his problems with Bill Goldberg as well as “WCW guys” who have targeted him in Chris Jericho, Lance Storm, and Booker T.

Riddle said that no one will ever watch a Bill Goldberg match if they want to study how to be a good wrestler. He refuses to apologize or stand back from his opinion of Goldberg.

As for Lance Storm, Riddle said he was at a Storm seminar that put him to sleep, literally. He said that he apologized to Storm at the time for it, but that is still what Storm is mad about.

He then added that Storm should keep teaching people how to wrestle but should never teach anyone how to be entertaining.

As for Booker T, Riddle said that he was shocked to hear that he talked harshly about Riddle’s wrestling skills. Riddle said he likes Booker T and wants no heat with Booker T and just asked that the WWE Hall of Fame star watch his matches and reevaluate him.

Matt Riddle focused on Chris Jericho.

“I don’t understand that, I don’t get it, you’re soft as hell,” Riddle said. “Maybe back in your prime, but even then, I would have beat the s–t out of you then, so, listen and learn from me, bro. Shut your mouth.”

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