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WWE SmackDown results for June 26, 2018: Grades and winners, Team Hell No returns to action

Kane and Daniel Bryan face off on WWE Smackdown
Kane and Daniel Bryan face off on WWE Smackdown — Photo credit: WWE

This week on SmackDown Live, the WWE presented a title match and reunited a hugely popular tag team. Here is a look at the WWE SmackDown results, grades, and winners.

Miz TV

This week’s episode of WWE SmackDown Live started off with an episode of Miz TV. Remember, last week there was a gauntlet match to determine the new No. 1 contender to the WWE world championship. Daniel Bryan was looking good until The Bludgen Brothers came in and beat him up.

Miz capitalized and won the match. This week on Miz TV, the guests were The Bludgen Brothers. Miz tried to suck up to them and thank them for the attack, but they were not impressed with him. Finally, Bryan came out and said that he has heart and wants to know who he will fight first.

Luke Harper stepped up.

This was an excellent opening segment as Miz TV is always great when it deals with someone with whom he has heat.

Rusev vs. Xavier Woods

Last week, Rusev won the No. 1 contenders spot for AJ Styles’ world title in a gauntlet match. Big E of New Day was in that match, and this week, Rusev battles another member in Xavier Woods. The match was a good one, and Rusev won by submission.

Winner: Rusev by pinfall (2.5 STARS)

U.S. Championship: Jeff Hardy vs. Eric Young

Jeff Hardy was supposed to fight Shinsuke Nakamura for the United States Championship tonight, but Nakamura was injured (legitimately) before the show started. As a result, Hardy issued an open challenge.

SAnitY came out. Eric Young will get the title shot. This should have been a good match, with Young a former Impact Wrestling champion. However, it was a little sloppy, and after nine minutes The Usos attacked SAnitY, and it was a DQ win for Young.

Winner: Eric Young by DQ (1.5 STARS)

SAnitY vs. Jeff Hardy and The Usos

That led to a “Teddy Long special” (Google it). The match lasted just over six minutes, was a lot better than the title match, but it ended with Jeff Hardy pinning Alexander Wolfe. This makes little sense, as SAnitY just debuted and should not be losing yet.

Winners: Jeff Hardy and The Usos by pinfall (2 STARS)

Becky Lynch vs. Sonja Deville

After months of coasting along and doing almost nothing, Becky Lynch won last week, and it looked like she was finally going to get a push again. She beat Mandy Rose last week — the lesser member of the team — and this week got the stronger wrestler. Lynch then won with the Disarmer, and the wins continue to pile up. Hopefully, she gets back into the title picture soon (but that is doubtful after the next segment).

Winner: Becky Lynch by submission (2.5 STARS)

James Ellsworth challenges Asuka

James Ellsworth comes out alone without SmackDown Live women’s champion Carmella. While he was gone from the WWE, Ellsworth started an intergender gimmick where he challenged women all over the indies for an intergender title. That ties into this segment.

Ellsworth came in the ring and said that he has no love for Asuka. He takes off his hat, jacket, and shirt and challenges her to come out and fight him.

General manager Paige comes out. She tells the crowd that Ellsworth made sure Asuka was not here (she is back in Japan) before he came out to challenge her. This means that Paige is booking Carmella to defend her title against Asuka at Extreme Rules and then said that next week on SmackDown Live, James Ellsworth would wrestle Asuka.

Daniel Bryan vs. Luke Harper

Before the match, Daniel Bryan is shown sparring with The Club, making it look like they could help if Erick Rowan interferes. That did not happen and what happened was surprising and popped the crowd big-time.

The match lasted 21 minutes and was as great as anyone would expect from the always fantastic Bryan and the criminally underrated Harper. After dominating tag teams for months, Bryan proved he is still a top guy and had Harper down for a submission when Rowan interfered.

However, instead of The Club running in for the save, it was Kane!

Kane came down and attacked Harper and Rowan. When they got the advantage, Bryan hit both of them with a dropkick from the buckle. He hit a big knee, and Kane hit his chokeslam, and they stood tall in the ring.

Bryan looked leary of seeing Kane there. Kane then asked for a hug, and Bryan refused. The fans were ballistic and were yelling “YES” so they finally hugged.

Then Paige came out and said that at Extreme Rules, it would be The Bludgen Brothers defending their tag team titles against Team Hell No. The two men hugged again and led the crowd in a “YES” chant as SmackDown Live went off the air.

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