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WWE SmackDown Live premiere date: When does WWE move SmackDown to Fox in Fall 2019?

WWE NXT on USA Network premiere date
SmackDown Live is coming to Fox in October 2019. Pic credit: WWE

WWE has aired Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live on the USA Network for many years. However, when the contracts came due for renewal last year, USA Network only bid enough to keep Raw. SmackDown Live is moving to Fox.

Here is a look at the SmackDown on Fox premiere date and what you can expect from this show.

What is release date of SmackDown Live on Fox?

SmackDown Live will premiere its first episode on Oct. 4, which means that it airs the same week that AEW premieres on TNT.

This is also a Friday night, which is not the best night for television but might work for a wrestling show as SmackDown as it used to air on Friday nights years ago.

Plus, with Fox, WWE has the largest audience of any primetime wrestling show in history.

SmackDown Live roster

When WWE moves SmackDown to Fox, there is a chance the roster changes up somewhat. However, if it remains the same as it is now, there is a lot of talent on the show.

Kofi Kingston and New Day are the current WWE Champion and SmackDown tag team champions. Shinsuke Nakamura is the current Intercontinental Champion. Bayley is the women’s champion.

Also on the roster are two of the biggest active stars in WWE with Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan.

With that said, there are also rumors that WWE will have another Superstar Shakeup right before SmackDown moves to Fox and then lock in the wrestlers to make them exclusive to Raw (USA Network) and SmackDown (Fox).

Whatever ends up happening, WWE will end up on a broadcast television network in Prime Time and it will give them a chance to see how popular professional wrestling still is.

SmackDown Live moves to Fox on Oct. 4.

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