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WWE SmackDown Live: Aiden English teases Lana Milwaukee controversy on Rusev Day

WWE SmackDown Live: Aiden English teases Lana Milwaukee controversy on Rusev Day
WWE SmackDown Live: Aiden English teases Lana Milwaukee controversy on Rusev Day. Pic credit: WWE

Last week on WWE SmackDown Live, Aiden English turned on Rusev and beat him down in front of his wife Lana.

The WWE let that betrayal simmer for a full week with no news given on the betrayal or for what Aiden English did to his best friend. It even came one night after English ran in and helped Rusev win at WWE Live in Oklahoma City.

This week on WWE SmackDown Live, Rusev came out to the ring with Lana and called out Aiden English to question him about the betrayal. He promised Lana he would make English pay but wanted to know why he did it.

Aiden English came out to no music and stood at the top of the ramp.

English then played a video that showed different moments where he helped Rusev both gain a huge fan following thanks to Rusev Day but also how they helped each other win matches.

After that, English said that all changed when Lana returned.

Lana argued that she helped Rusev win before Aiden English ever came onto the scene, pointing out the undefeated streak, the tank at WrestleMania and title victories.

However, Aiden English then showed a video of Lana screwing up and costing Rusev matches — some of the videos looking like English edited them to make Lana look bad even in cases where English caused the problem.

Then, Aiden English asked if Lana was honest with Rusev and told him about “that night in Milwaukee.”

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While Rusev and Lana both seemed confused about Milwaukee, Lana said nothing happened that she knew of. When Rusev said he was just frustrated and still trusted her, she walked off on him for her match alone.

Then, in a no shock whatsoever, the fans turned on Lana when she battled Becky Lynch. Not only is Becky a huge fan favorite, despite her recent heel tendencies, but the fans now had the chance to chant “Milwaukee” at Lana during the match.

So, what is up with Lana and Milwaukee? Aiden English said he is bringing video proof next week, so the WWE Universe will have to wait a week for this WWE storyline to continue on SmackDown Live.

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