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WWE removes Rusev from television due to contract issues

WWE removes Rusev from television due to contract issues
WWE has removed Rusev from television for contract issues. Pic credit: WWE

Fans who hated the Rusev-Lana-Bobby Lashley love triangle on WWE Monday Night Raw have to be happy that it has disappeared over the last two weeks.

However, while Lana is wrestling now, specifically against Liv Morgan, and Bobby Lashley competed in a chance for a WWE Championship shot at Super Showdown in Saudi Arabia, Rusev has been gone.

The one person that fans actually cared about in the entire storyline has disappeared completely from television and we now know why.

Rusev removed from TV

Lasy year, Dean Ambrose had his contract coming to an end and WWE kept pushing him on TV until the end.

At that point, Ambrose left and almost immediately showed up in AEW as Jon Moxley. He appeared so recently on WWE television that it made his appearance a very big deal.

Now, Rusev has his contract coming to an end in just a few short months and seems unwilling to sign a new deal.

WWE doesn’t seem to want to make the same mistake twice and Forbes reports that they have removed Rusev from WWE television.

“There should be a Rusev-Lashley blow-off after all that build, but Rusev has been taken off TV so it looks like he never gets his revenge at the end unless his contract situation works out.”

This is shocking since WWE put so much work into the soap opera styled storyline between Rusev, his real-life wife Lana, and Bobby Lashley.

However, outside of Lashley commenting that he wasn’t going to let the issues with his “wife” Lana get in the way of his goals, there has been nothing about the storyline mentioned in the last two weeks.

Not only that, but neither Lashley nor Rusev were in the Royal Rumble match, as the announcers claimed they had a brawl before the event and were removed from the action.

This is disappointing since fans who watched the entire cheating storyline take place only got to see Lashley — the man who helped destroy Rusev’s marriage — win both matches over Rusev, the babyface/victim.

Rusev’s future in WWE or AEW?

The fact that Rusev seems unwilling to sign a new WWE deal is what might be holding things up.

Yes, Rusev has been a good company man when talking online in interviews, saying that he was happy to be part of such a great storyline, but most fans felt he was just saying what he had to say.

WWE might have realized that as well. Dean Ambrose did the same thing.

Rusev could be a monster player in AEW, Ring of Honor, Impact Wrestling, or New Japan if he leaves WWE. He could be a star in two of those like Ambrose (AEW and NJPW) if he wanted to.

He would have to do it without his wife Lana, who signed a new WWE deal last year.

If Rusev leaves, he could be joining names like Matt Hardy, whose contract expires in the next couple of months, and The Revival, who refused to sign new contracts as well.

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