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WWE rumors: WWE has big plans for Bray Wyatt’s character after current hiatus

WWE rumors: WWE has big plans for Bray Wyatt's character after current hiatus
Bray Wyatt is getting another chance to wow WWE fans — Pic credit: WWE

At one time, there wasn’t a more interesting and unique character in the WWE than Bray Wyatt.

As the leader of the Wyatt Family, and utilizing men like Luke Harper, Erick Rowan and Braun Strowman, something bad happened to Bray. He got boring.

See, Wyatt never changed much. He came out and cut bizarre promos, feuded with the biggest stars in the WWE, and almost always lost his feuds. Fans stopped caring.

Even a WWE world title reign on SmackDown Live was not enough and his title loss to Randy Orton at WrestleMania 33 was one of the worst matches on the card since the WWE tried too hard to add Wyatt’s horror gimmick to the match.

Recently, Wyatt joined up with Broken Matt Hardy to form what could have been a very fun tag team, but the mystique of his character was gone, and it dragged Hardy down with him. With Hardy injured and out of action, it is time for Wyatt to consider changes.

According to WrestletVotes, Bray Wyatt is currently in limbo after his tag team with Matt Hardy ended and the WWE is planning a “refresh” of his character. They also said that once he returned to TV there would be a new push for him and he would end up as a babyface for the first time in his career.

This could be a very important time for Bray Wyatt and it could mark the moment where the WWE decides if they have a future with him as a main event player or if his time has already passed.

This seemed like just speculation, but Wrestling Inc reported that Bray Wyatt was playing the role of a babyface on the recent UK tour, where he wrestled Jinder Mahal – and won the match.

Fans of Bray Wyatt who saw the promise in his character have to be excited about this. If the WWE is going to get behind him again, it is time for Wyatt to turn things up and prove that he is as good as people believed he was early in his WWE run.