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WWE rumors: WWE considering a new stable for Paul Heyman to manage

WWE rumors: WWE considering a new stable for Paul Heyman to manage
Paul Heyman may be making a comeback — Piic credit: WWE

With Brock Lesnar gone from the WWE and headed back to the UFC, some fans are wondering what this means for his advocate Paul Heyman.

According to the Barn Burner Fired Up podcast, there is an idea in the WWE that they want to have Heyman create his own faction to manage.

The WWE rumors right now indicate that Kevin Owens is one of the top names on the list to pair up with Paul Heyman. Another name brought up is Ronda Rousey, although the WWE turning her heel seems unlikely.

It also doesn’t make sense because Kevin Owens is a good talker, but with that said, so was CM Punk and Heyman was a great advocate for Punk.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Heyman said that some people have accused him of being in the Brock Lesnar business and not in the WWE business. He did say that people can feel free to come up with their own conspiracy theories.

However, just because Paul Heyman leads a stable, it does not mean it will be successful. Remember, when CM Punk left the WWE and Brock Lesnar was gone before, the WWE tried to use Heyman to elevate Cesaro and Curtis Axel.

That attempt failed.

However, putting Paul Heyman with names like Ronda Rousey or Kevin Owens is different as they are both over and would be more so with Heyman talking them up.

Paul Heyman is also not a stranger to stables. In WCW, he led the Dangerous Alliance, which included names like Steve Austin, Bobby Eaton, Larry Zbyscko, Rick Rude and Arn Anderson.

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