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WWE rumors: What is Paul Heyman doing for the WWE right now?

WWE rumors: What is Paul Heyman doing for the WWE right now?
Paul Heyman — is he preparing for a new job in the WWE? Pic credit: WWE

When Brock Lesnar decided to go back to the UFC and leave the WWE again, many fans wondered what was next for Paul Heyman.

The last time that Lesnar took time off, Heyman also took time off, and then he returned shortly before Lesnar. However, with the WWE rumors that Heyman might start his own new stable, fans perked up.

According to PWInsider (via Wrestling Inc), the WWE is still working closely with Paul Heyman but this is all happening behind-the-scenes.

According to the site, Heyman started working in production before Brock Lesnar left, possibly preparing for a new job within the WWE.

There has been a new manager introduced into the WWE with Drake Maverick taking on the role as the advisor to the Authors of Pain.

One wonders if Heyman might be instrumental in helping the next generation of WWE managers get their starts.

According to the site, there is no word on whether the job behind-the-scenes with Paul Heyman is long-term or just temporary.

Remember, the WWE rumors that stated he might start a new stable could mean that this is just something he can do to help until the WWE pulls the trigger on that move.

Paul Heyman was a key member of the WWE creative team back in the early 2000s and he was also the head writer for SmackDown Live in 2002, but he has not taken on a role like that in well over a decade.

The WWE is possibly considering managers playing a larger role, though, and even without Brock Lesnar, no one is better than that in the WWE right now than Paul Heyman.

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