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WWE Rumors: Dolph Ziggler hints at leaving the WWE, could he be headed for AEW wrestling?

Dolph Ziggler hints at leaving the WWE
Dolph ZIggler talks to Drew McIntyre, but will Ziggler leave the WWE? Pic credit: WWE

Dolph Ziggler has been a part of the WWE since 2004 but his 15-year tenure with the company might be coiming to an end.

Ziggler’s most recent match in the WWE was a steel cage match against Drew McIntyre that he lost, and then suffered a major beat down after the match to write him off TV for now.

Now, it seems that Dolph Ziggler might end up leaving the WWE completely.

Is Dolph Ziggler leaving the WWE?

Last week, following the loss to Drew McIntyre, the rumors started to spread that Dolph Ziggler was leaving the WWE.

However, Cageside Seats reported that this was not the case. Instead, they revealed that Ziggler has a comedy tour starting on January 27 and would take time off for that.

However, in the week since then, conflicting reports began to arise. PWInsider reported that there are sources denying that Ziggler is leaving the WWE but there are others that say his deal ends on January 31 and he isn’t coming back.

The later sources say that the WWE offered Ziggler a job with the company as a producer but he turned them down.

Now, Ziggler has hinted that his days in the WWE might be over thanks to a new store he opened at Pro Wrestling Tees, as well as the fact that he is no longer using the name Dolph Ziggler on his Twitter account.

The important thing to notice here is that he is selling tee-shirts with his real name (Nick Nemeth) as well as with his brother Ryan involved as well. Most WWE superstars sell their merchandise through the WWE and not on their own.

Could Dolph Ziggler be headed to AEW wrestling?

The AEW wrestling news updates will start to come fast and strong in the coming months.

Every time a wrestler sees their contracts with the WWE coming to an end, people will start to wonder if they plan to jump to AEW.

The thought of Dolph Ziggler (or Nick Nemeth) in AEW is intruiging, but there is a more likely chance that he will end up in New Japan.

According to SportsKeeda, Ziggler has been introduced to people involved in New Japan through Shinsuke Nakamura, so there is a chance that could be his next destination if he leaves the WWE.

If Dolph Ziggler is not part of the Royal Rumble pay-per-view later this month, it is almost assured that he is leaving the WWE.

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