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WWE Rumors: Brock Lesnar to miss SummerSlam, Vince McMahon to blame

WWE Rumors: Brock Lesnar to miss SummerSlam, Vince McMahon to blame
Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns. Credit: WWE

Brock Lesnar is rarely, if ever, around in the WWE. He has a limited deal and only makes random appearances, but he remains the WWE Universal Champion — the top title holder on Monday Night Raw.

Now, the word has come from PWInsider that Lesnar will not defend his title at SummerSlam in August.

This came after WWE insider Dave Meltzer said Lesnar’s role at SummerSlam is “to be determined,” which came after WrestleVotes reported that the title would be on the line at the event.

So, the entire thing just reeks of WWE rumors with no one really sure what is happening. Dave Meltzer has since added some more commentary to the situation.

A fan on Twitter blamed Brock Lesnar for ruining the WWE Universal Championship by rarely defending it and only wrestling limited times a year. When confronted with that comment, Meltzer responded that it is not Lesnar’s fault — it is the call of Vince McMahon.

Originally, Paul Heyman promoted the idea of Brock Lesnar being a “special attraction” for the WWE as champion. He compared it to boxing champions and UFC champions that defend their titles only a couple of times a year.

However, professional wrestling and the WWE is different because there is a weekly show and a PPV every month. To have the main champion not there most of the year, it makes there little to fight for when it comes to the top guys.

For a little while, it works, but Lesnar has been the champion for well over a year. According to PWInsider, the WWE only has a couple of dates left for Lesnar and want to save them for something other than SummerSlam.

What could be more important than SummerSlam?

One thing is the Super Show coming up in Austrailia. If the WWE has Brock Lesnar “refuse” to compete at SummerSlam, there is a chance the fans will turn on him completely and allow someone like Roman Reigns to finally get cheered.

It could also open up the chance for Braun Strowman to come down and get the Money in the Bank cash-in win over Lesnar — which could be huge for the WWE Network event.

Whatever happens, if Brock Lesnar does not wrestle at SummerSlam, it could really hurt the WWE’s second biggest show of the year. Would the WWE actually gamble with that idea?

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