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WWE rumors: Arn Anderson reportedly fired for allowing intoxicated wrestler to work

The WWE fired Arn Anderson
The WWE fired Arn Anderson, here with Bobby Roode. Pic credit: WWE

When the WWE fired WWE Hall of Fame legend Arn Anderson, there were many rumors circulating.

The biggest WWE rumor claimed that Arn Anderson and Vince McMahon rarely got along backstage and often clashed.

It was said that Arn was always looking out for the wrestlers and McMahon was always clashing with him over the way wrestlers were dealt with.

According to a recent report by Wrestling Inc, it sounds like Anderson’s way of dealing with a wrestler was what led to his termination.

Earlier reports indicated that something happened at a WWE house show and that is what led the WWE to fire Anderson. Wrestling Inc revealed that the instance might have involved allowing an intoxicated wrestler to go out and compete in a match.

That wrestler was allegedly Alicia Fox and Anderson reportedly allowed her to go to the ring and wrestle anyway. With wrestlers getting hurt due to regular moves, it seems that sending an intoxicated wrestler to the ring was a risk WWE is not willing to take.

The report indicates that when Vince McMahon heard about the match, he was “furious” and that it was “the final straw” when it comes to his working relationship with Anderson.

Arn Anderson had worked in the NWA in the ’80s as part of the Four Horsemen before moving on to WWE and the Brainbusters tag team with fellow Horsemen member Tully Blanchard.

He returned to WCW and worked there until they closed. After that, he joined WWE in 2001 and worked backstage for the company until this recent termination.

There is no word on whether or not Alicia Fox was punished. She was not at Monday Night Raw this week.

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