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WWE reportedly preparing for Daniel Bryan to leave company

WWE reportedly preparing for Daniel Bryan to leave company
Is Daniel Bryan getting ready to leave the WWE?

The WWE shocked the wrestling world when they cleared Daniel Bryan to return to wrestling action despite his numerous concussions.

Now, it seems that the WWE might be preparing for Bryan’s eventual departure from the company. According to Wrestling Standard, a website ran by the Twitter account PWStream, the WWE is booking angles and matches that they originally planned to last up to a year.

This included dream matches against names like AJ Styles and Samoa Joe and the reunion of Team Hell No. That team is booked to challenge for the WWE tag team titles at Extreme Rules later this month.

The biggest match that WWE fans have been looking forward to is Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz and that should be next on the list.

When the WWE forced Bryan into retirement, he was general manager of SmackDown Live and was embroiled in a feud with The Miz that involved just an intense war of words. When the two finally fight, it will be a huge match for fans who watched this feud grow.

The current WWE rumors indicate that The Miz might be who causes Team Hell No to lose at Extreme Rules and the very next pay-per-view event for the WWE is SummerSlam in August — a perfect spot for this long-awaited match to take place.

There were some rumblings that the only reason the WWE brought back Daniel Bryan and allowed him to wrestle again was that they knew he was going to leave if they didn’t and didn’t want him to wrestle somewhere else.

It might be surprising to see WWE let Daniel Bryan slip away after risking his return to the ring after multiple concussions. This is especially curious since the WWE needs star power for when they move to Fox in 2019.

However, there is also a chance that they wanted to get these dream matches out there for fans before he left.

Daniel Bryan’s WWE contract is set to expire towards the end of the year. The WWE rumors from Wrestling Standard also reveal that Bryan has signed the same agent as John Cena and is looking for a big contract if he does remain with the company.

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