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WWE releases two former TNA Impact Wrestling world champions

WWE releases two former TNA Impact Wrestling world champions
WWE announced the release of EC3. Pic credit: WWE

WWE is cutting talent in an effort to save some money with the coronavirus pandemic cutting their ability to earn ticket money from fans.

Today already, WWE has released two-time tag team champions Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, as well as Heath Slater, who has been with the company, for 16 years.

They also released The Revival last week.

Now, WWE has cut two men who joined the company as former Impact Wrestling world champions, only to do nothing with them.

WWE cuts EC3 and Eric Young

When EC3 joined WWE, there was a lot of excitement among fans.

He was a man who worked his way up in Impact Wrestling from a joke into one of the most popular wrestlers in the company.

He was WWE trained (in Ohio Valley as Derrick Bateman) before going to TNA and had the look and charisma to be a star.

In Impact Wrestling, he was initially the nephew of TNA President Dixie Carter, who wanted everything handed to him. However, he worked hard and moved to the top of the company.

He won the world title twice and the Impact Grand Championship one time while in Impact Wrestling.

EC3 went to NXT first and he only stayed there for a short time before they moved him and a handful of other wrestlers to the main roster.

However, he got a chance right off the bat with a feud with Dean Ambrose. However, fans cheered the heel Ambrose over EC3, which made sense considering how long Ambrose had been in WWE.

Despite this, rumors have it that Mr. McMahon was angry that EC3 could not get over and never pushed him again.

For the next year-plus, he stood around in backstage skits with his red drinking cup.

Eric Young was another former TNA world champion and one of the TNA originals.

Young held 11 different titles in TNA along with his world title reign.

When he showed up in NXT, he was placed in charge of a faction called Sanity. However, when Sanity moved up to the main roster, they disappeared for almost two months.

Soon, the faction was broke up without getting a chance and Eric Young was left as a jobber.

WWE also cuts Drake Maverick

Drake Maverick came to WWE around the same time as EC3.

The two were close friends in Impact Wrestling, but Maverick had a bigger role in WWE.

On the main roster, he was the manager of the Authors of Pain when they debuted. He then moved on to become the general manager of 205 Live.

Since 205 Live moved to NXT, Maverick has been MIA. He was entered in the upcoming Cruiserweight Championship tournament and he will still be allowed to compete in it as a non-contracted talent.

Drake Maverick seemed to take it the worst.

The best bet for all three of these released WWE superstars is a return to Impact Wrestling, although EC3 might have the chance to show up somewhere like AEW for another shot at glory.

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