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WWE refuses to grant release to Luke Harper, adds 6 months onto his original contract

WWE refuses to grant release to Luke Harper
Luke Harper asked for his WWE release. Pic credit: WWE

WWE has an interesting stipulation added to wrestler’s contracts. If a person is hurt performing for the company, WWE can force them to extend their contract for the amount of time they were out injured, and they just did it to Luke Harper.

In basic terms, WWE punishes a wrestler if they are injured doing their job for the company.

For Luke Harper, it is worse.

He asked WWE for his release when the company kept him at home and didn’t let him return to television after his last injury. He even posted that he was cleared to return months ago and WWE wouldn’t use him.

However, despite WWE refusing to use him and leaving him on the bench, they won’t give him the release he asked for either.

Instead, they added six months onto the end of his contract to keep him bound to the company even longer, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

WWE did the same thing to Rey Mysterio a few years back and he left on very bad terms with the company as a result. Things were eventually ironed out and he returned — although he is closer to retirement now than before.

For Luke Harper, he wants to leave and work as a wrestler somewhere that will use him while he is still young enough to make a difference.

However, WWE seems more intent on keeping him under contract — and not using him — than letting him actually do what he loves in the ring somewhere else.

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