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WWE referring to their fans now as ‘sports entertainment enthusiasts’ and Twitter went nuts

WWE referring to their fans now as 'sports entertainment enthusiasts' and Twitter went nuts
Mr. McMahon continues to move WWE away from the idea of “wrestling.” Pic credit: WWE

WWE has done a lot to eliminate a lot of wrestling terms from their product, including referring to wrestlers as superstars.

As a matter of fact, a list of words that WWE announcers are not allowed to use went out in 2015 with eight pages of rules.

Title belts cannot be called “belts” or “straps” and are only “championships” or “titles.” The word “feud” is not allowed. “pro wrestling” and “wrestler” is disallowed and should be “superstar” or “athlete.”

There was also a rule that said that WWE fans can’t be called “fans.” They either needed to be called “you” as if the announcer was speaking to them. The exceptions were when they said “John Cena’s fans” or something like that.

It has become a joke with many fans over the years, as WWE began to refer to them as the WWE Universe. However, a tweet went out that had fans on Twitter rolling their eyes.

Yes, WWE referred to WWE fans as “sports-entertainment enthusiasts.”

And Twitter had a lot of fun with this.

Needless to say, pro wrestling fans on Twitter seem to find the strange wording WWE is starting to use in order to distance itself from the idea of professional wrestling to be offputting.

Sadly, WWE dismissing the idea of wrestling in their tweet has cast attention away from the purpose of the event they tweeted about — a fundraising event between WWE and WXW-C4 to help Samu Anoa’i, who discovered he has stage 4 liver cancer and needs a liver transplant.

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