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WWE RAW Recap for Sept. 10: WWE’s Big Dog hunts and traps his Monster

Braun slammed off table
Roman Reigns slams Braun Strowman through the stage off the WWE RAW announce table to conclude the episode. Pic Credit: WWE

WWE RAW was an interesting and compelling spectacle this past Monday. We were given a show that was designed to lead us into WWE’s Hell in a Cell event this Sunday. It is commonly referred to as a “go home” show for the brand.

Obviously WWE SmackDown Live will have their own go home show on September 11th. However, unlike SmackDown it seemed RAW had to give us a lot to make us want to see what their brand brought to the show.

It’s quite likely that the WWE Universal Title match could main event this Sunday, but they added a step even further. WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley will step inside Hell in a Cell with both Braun Strowman and the champion Roman Reigns. He will be the special guest referee, a position he’s done many times before but never inside the devil’s structure. Foley obviously has experience with the cell.

Memorably 20 years ago he was thrown off the cell and through it by The Undertaker. Somehow, he survived all of this to the shock of millions. This was not his only experience in the cell. He’d have another match with Triple H where he again went through the cell and saw his career ended. Though he did find a way to come back sooner than we all thought. When it comes to Hell in a Cell, Foley knows it better than most.

This makes him an ideal referee for the match. But what else did RAW give us that we should think about at the event this Sunday? The show did start off with Braun citing Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre are his “dogs of war.” So they may play a huge part in this match.

WWE RAW Women’s Championship Match Could Be Longer

Alexa hits Ronda in the ribs
Alexa Bliss takes an open shot to Ronda Rousey’s ribs at the end of their match on Monday. Could this lead to problems at WWE Hell in a Cell for Rousey? Pic Credit: WWE

Alexa Bliss might be a 5-time WWE Women’s Champion across two different brands, but she was dominated by Ronda Rousey at WWE SummerSlam last month. She now gets her rematch this Sunday, but how can we expect she’ll do well knowing her flaws from before? Ronda did not somehow get worse, and now that she is the champion, it is unlikely she’ll want to give it up any time soon.

WWE RAW gave us no impression that Rousey is slowing down, but they did give us a small hint that the match could be longer. It is the much beloved yet panned wrestling idea of “the storyline injury.” After Ronda and Natalya won their tag match on WWE RAW, Alexa hit Rousey in her rib area.

This makes many believe Ronda won’t be as dominate come Sunday, as this happened the week of the show. No one is expecting Rousey to lose the title this Sunday, and no one expects a 30-minute classic from the two. However, one could expect a 10 to 15-minute bout rather than the 5-minute domination SummerSlam fed us.

WWE’s Need To Promote Another Show Before The One That Matters

Triple H on WWE RAW
Triple H claims he will “put The Undertaker down” at WWE’s Super ShowDown in Australia. Pic Credit: WWE

Last week The Undertaker came out and did a cool promo with Shawn Michaels that gave us chills. However, the problem with all of this was that it only made people want to see Michaels back in the ring. That said, Triple H wanted to respond to the Deadman this week on the show. The previous week, Shawn Michaels picked his best friend Triple H to win on the big WWE show in Australia at the beginning of next month called WWE Super Showdown.

Undertaker came out to get all upset about it and then brag, mostly, how he ended the Heartbreak Kid’s career back at WrestleMania 26. Triple H seemed truly ticked off that the Deadman did this and thus, his response was that things were now personal. As if they were not ideally personal before this match happened anyway. Considering this is the certain last time the two will face off, so the winner actually matters. Who are we kidding though, there is never a “one time” anything in WWE, right?

Triple H claims he is coming to Australia to “put The Undertaker down.” We’re not exactly sure if he’ll do this, but at the same time, it’s not at a WrestleMania. Anything is possible! We know this for sure, we asked Kevin Garnett.

The Meaningless BS We’re Just Going To Help You Through

Bobby Roode & Chad Gable
Bobby Roode and Chad Gable seem far too excited to be relegated to the tag division. Pic Credit: WWE

Chad Gable and Bobby Roode won their tag match, yet again overly excited to work together. One can understand why Gable is happy, he’s finally back on television. Roode has been featured for over a year on either WWE RAW or SmackDown Live. We’re not exactly sure why he’s so amped to be with Gable as a teammate. It seems a heel turn is going to happen with the Glorious One. Their team won. We know, you’re shocked!

Mick Foley apparently had one wish or one call to be the General Manager for WWE RAW. He could make one match, so he chose to make a Finn Balor/Elias match because he reaches for the stars like that. The rub in all of this was that Foley did this after announcing his inclusion in the main event of Hell in a Cell. We’re not sure what the crowd popped for more, Finn or Foley’s announcement. Balor won this match.

Nikki Bella beat Ruby Riott in their match because we cannot have nice things. Also because of the mere fact that being a reality TV star who barely performs somehow gives you super fearless powers. Obviously, the Riott Squad never had a chance! Kevin Owens attacked fellow Canadian and part-time model/fashion guy your father told you to avoid at the mall, Tyler Breeze. They had a match but it did not get started for WWE RAW.

Owens then said the acting GM Baron Corbin wanted him back so much after he quit that he gave him a lot of freedom. Basically, he could get away with almost anything. An American gave this to a Canadian, we’re just as outraged as you are right now!

WWE’s Charity Continues To Be Cool To See

Connor's Cure
Each September WWE promotes Connor’s Cure like crazy and uses most of their merchandise profits to go toward the charity. Pic Credit: WWE

During the month of September, WWE likes to heavily promote Connor’s Cure. It is an organization invented by WWE Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon. It was made to honor the life of a young child by the name of Connor Michalek, a child with pediatric cancer. He loved Daniel Bryan and had a personality that could light countries if bottled and made into energy. He would see his favorite WWE Superstar in Daniel Bryan win the WWE World Heavyweight Title at WrestleMania 30 even!

Sadly, Conner passed away due to cancer shortly after this. September happens to be Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month. So Stephanie and the WWE try to sell a ton of stuff to make money for their charity. It goes to many kids across the country each year. Big Show came out to show off some of the kids and the superstar they made themselves into, it was cute. Donate if you can!

On a lighter note, WWE has continued their in-company charity via Make A Wish. Last week, Drake Maverick was given the charity of WWE RAW television time and made manager to the Authors of Pain. Somehow, they have two wins in a row since Drake took over. Lio Rush then showed up in an attempt to be Bobby Lashley’s future manager. Lashley does need someone to talk for him, but we’re not sure Topanga wants to see Rush managing over wrestling. Oh well!

WWE RAW Acting GM Baron Corbin Finds Out How Louisiana Operates Law Wise, Shield Pull One Over

Baron, Seth, Dean
Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose find a creative way around Baron Corbin’s banning of The Shield. Pic Credit: WWE

We all know Dean Ambrose is not a big fan of police officers, for obvious reasons. The man just cannot stay out of trouble. Though his wife and now permanent WWE RAW commentator Renee Young does try to help. Seth Rollins keeps him on the straight and narrow as much as possible though. However, all three members of The Shield were arrested last Monday on WWE RAW. Somehow after 5:00 p.m. on a holiday a judge saw and indicted all three men. They’d make it out of jail to show up later that night.

We know, we’re amazed too. This week, Corbin tells The Shield that he is banning them from the building. One could understand why he was surprised. He banned Seth and Dean, now they’re showing up later on WWE RAW? They explained that The Shield was gone for the night, but not Rollins and Ambrose.  They explain to him that after his stunt last week and falsifying a police report, he could be in hot water. The duo even brought an officer in for an extra touch.

He got out of it by giving the two a WWE RAW Tag Team Title match this Sunday. This will put new champions Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler into a big title match. He cited to the champs that Lousiana operated under Napoleonic Law, so it was tricky to work around. By the way, Louisiana does operate under a good portion of this combined with areas of Common Law from the federal mandates. Read a book, people.

The Monster Goes Big Dog Hunting, But The Wolf Howls At….Near Midnight

Braun, Dolph, Drew
Braun has to be helped up by his Dogs of War after the events of the conclusion to WWE RAW. Pic Credit: WWE

When two-thirds of The Shield were in the building, it made complete sense the third would be around too. Roman Reigns, the current WWE Universal Champion, has a date with Braun Strowman on Sunday. However, the Monster Among Men wants to get his hands on WWE’s Big Dog before the event goes down. WWE RAW seems like the perfect place to do this. It’s also near the end of the show, so it’s a perfect time. It’s like they wrote this out or something!

Roman cannot be found by Braun, so he goes to the ring and calls him out. Reigns eventually comes out to fight the monster. The two battle at the stage for a bit before Strowman goes to the WWE RAW announce table to clean it off. Obviously, you cannot put someone through an announce desk if it is cluttered. This is Wrestling 101, people. As soon as he gets Roman on the table, Reigns reverses the action.

He then picks him up and slams him via Samoan Drop off the table onto the stage below. The two crash through it, allowing Braun to be taken straight to hell by Reigns. The champion is on top by the end of the show, making us all wonder if he can hold onto his gold this Sunday. Time will surely tell.

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