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WWE polls fans on how they should handle future television shows with no crowds

WWE polls fans on how they should handle future television shows with no crowds
WWE has surveyed fans on ideas for future shows. Pic credit: WWE

WWE is moving forward without fans at their television events and they are trying to find a way to make it work.

While AEW Dynamite seems to have a pattern down that makes their shows very entertaining, WWE is struggling to put out a show that remains entertaining for two or three hours.

However, WWE has some ideas and they just polled fans to see what they thought.

WWE polls fans about empty arena shows

There is no telling when WWE will be able to hold real professional wrestling shows with crowds again.

The isolation and stay at home rules might get lifted by May — maybe — but that does not mean big crowd events will be allowed at that time.

It will take a long time to get the coronavirus pandemic under control and that could mean waiting as long as August to have events like baseball games, wrestling shows, and even the NFL to start up again.

So, WWE has some ideas to make Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown stand out and asked some fans in a survey what they thought.

The idea was to have a “Fan Council” where there would be webcams on certain people and they would be in blocks surrounding the screen with the wrestling action in the middle.

What WWE wanted to know was what fans would want to hear.

“Now, considering a viewing option that incorporates your feedback from this survey, how much better or worse would this be relative to a presentation option of a WWE show without a live audience?”

The first choice was to hear the commentators with just the fans’ faces reacting to the action, which seems kind of lame.

The second choice was to hear the fans talking and not the commentators, which could be a mess of talking over each other.

The third idea was to hear the commentators and the audio of the fans’ reactions. That seems almost like a real event as long as the fans don’t start talking over the commentators.

There was also the idea of having famous faces in the webcam boxes, which might be more entertaining than just bloggers or whatever.

WWE polls fans on how they should handle future television shows with no crowds
WWE has an idea for non-crowd shows. Pic credit: WWE

Other questions asked

Other questions asked in the survey included whether viewers liked the presentation of the non-audience shows or not and included a spot to explain why they answered the way they did.

When it comes to the webcams, the survey also asked if the viewers liked it with them surrounding the action, only at the bottom, only at the top, or just on the sides of the screen.

They also had an option to only have fan reactions at a specific time in matches or on the show.

Finally, WWE was judging their competition, asking in the survey if fans watched All Elite Wrestling, Impact Wrestling, Ring of Honor, Lucha Libre AAA, New Japan Pro Wrestling, or EVOLVE.

WWE Monday Night Raw airs on Mondays at 8/7c on USA Network.

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