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WWE planning to strengthen brand split in October

WWE planning to strengthen brand split in October
Kofi Kingston of SmackDown and AJ Styles of Raw will crossover less in the future. Pic credit: WWE

Vince McMahon, in an obvious attempt to raise television ratings, implemented a “Wild Card Rule” which allowed wrestlers from both shows to appear on the other on “special occasion.”

That has now turned into anyone and everyone just popping up on both shows, almost negating the brand split.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, that will end by October.

According to the newsletter, once SmackDown Live moves to Fox, the split rosters will be more pronounced with very little in the way of crossover, although there may be some “minor crossover” events after that.

While New Day is popping up on Monday Night Raw almost every week now and Roman Reigns is on both shows almost every week, that will change after the Fox show starts up.

Paul Heyman runs Monday Night Raw now and took a massive amount of control on this week’s solid episode. Eric Bischoff is taking more of a hands-on role on SmackDown Live, although his role was slower to start since he was returning to WWE and Heyman was already there.

The idea is to give to two WWE shows a unique feel with each show telling different storylines. WWE wants tRaw and SmackDown to legitimately appear as two different promotions.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter also reports that, for now, the rosters will remain as they are for the two shows once the split happens in October.

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