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WWE planning a Batista return with a short-term run through WrestleMania

WWE planning a Batista return with a short-term run through WrestleMania
Batista making a WWE return. Pic by WWE

The news broke last week that Batista was coming back for the WWE SmackDown 1,000th episode celebration.

That would see a reunion of Evolution, which makes no sense as Triple H is involved in a Monday Night Raw storyline with The Undertaker, Randy Orton is destroying “legends” and Ric Flair is way past his prime.

However, there is new news that makes it sound like the Batista WWE return is more than just a one-night-only event.

Batista WWE return plans

According to the Barnburnder No Holds Barred podcast, the WWE is looking at bringing back Batista for an actual short-run, possibly one that will allow him to finally end his professional wrestling career the way he originally hoped.

“Batista may be signing a short-term deal with WWE at SmackDown to possibly appear at Survivor Series, Royal Rumble, and WrestleMania,” according to the show’s hosts.

This is huge news.

Batista made a WWE return a few years back but he was unhappy with the entire run. Batista told the WWE the fans would want him back as a bad guy but they had him return as a babyface and had him win the Royal Rumble to earn a world title shot.

Fans hated it and turned on him, creating creative insults to throw at him, even as he worked as a good guy. Finally, the WWE gave up, turned him heel, reformed Evolution and booked a series of great matches with The Shield.

Batista then quit and returned to Hollywood.

What could new Batista WWE run look like?

Every since Batista left the WWE, his Hollywood career skyrocketed. He has three Marvel Cinematic Universe movies under his belt as Drax, was a Bond villain, and appeared in the critically acclaimed Blade Runner 2049 and fun Hotel Artemis.

Batista can call his own shots now.

He said before that he would only return to the WWE if he had more say in his character and story and that means that a repeat of the last return fiasco likely won’t happen.

“They know that I’m always open to going back, it just has to be on the right conditions. I have to be available,” Batista said. “As long as that makes sense, I’d love to go back because I miss it.”

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