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IIconics’ Peyton Royce loves Eminem, loses WWE fans as a result

IIconics' Peyton Royce loves Eminem, loses WWE fans as a result
Peyton Royce of the IIconics loves her some Eminem. Pic credit: WWE

In a case where people online are even scarier than the ones you see on TV and in the movies, Peyton Royce made a simple comment on Twitter and fans responded with hate and vitriol.

It all started with a tweet during the Oscars last night where Peyton Royce loved seeing Eminem make a surprise appearance at the Oscars.

Peyton Royce loves Eminem

In proof that you don’t even need to be talking politics on social media to find people hating you, Peyton Royce talked about how excited she was to see Eminem at the Oscars.

To catch fans up, last night at the Oscars, the show honored the importance of music in movies, showing scenes from The Breakfast Club, La Bamba, Moulin Rogue, and more. The last thing the video showed was Eminem from 8 Mile.

After that, Eminem and his band rose from under the stage and he performed his song Lose Yourself.

While some people were confused at the performance, it was because Eminem was not at the ceremony where he won an Oscar for Lose Yourself and he finally performed the song all these years later.

Peyton Royce’s response was simply that “Eminem is the coolest.”

That alone caused people to respond.

Some of her followers pointed out that his lyrics are “homophobic” and “sexist.” Others went as far as to say that Peyton Royce lost their respect for thinking Eminem is cool.

Thankfully, Peyton Royce took it all with humor and she knows that all these strangers who get on Twitter just to show outrage mean nothing in her life.

With that, Peyton Royce ended any debate and let people know that they can do them and she will do her.

Where are the IIconics?

Peyton Royce and Billie Kay have been off TV for a long time. The last time they wrestled on WWE television was on November 18 on Monday Night Raw.

It has been almost three months since The IIconics have competed in a WWE ring.

So, where has Peyton Royce and Billie Kay been?

According to Dace Meltzer (via Wrestling Inc), WWE took them off television and is rumored to be planning to re-package them.

The IIconics were former WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, beating Sasha Banks and Bayley for the titles. They then held the titles for a long time, but barely defended them.

While never wrestling, they were heat magnets, making people hate them by never stopping their chatter before matches. There is no word on when the two will return, but they are not even competing on house shows, so stay tuned.

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