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WWE NXT TakeOver: Portland recap, results, and grades: Tommaso Ciampa battles Adam Cole for NXT Championship

WWE NXT TakeOver: Portland recap, results, and grades
Charlotte Flair showed up at NXT TakeOver: Portland. Pic credit: WWE

WWE NXT TakeOver: Portland brought WWE fans every NXT title on the line, plus a match between the best TakeOver wrestler of all-time against the man who built NXT.

Here is a look at the WWE NXT TakeOver: Portland results, grades, and recap.

WWE NXT TakeOver: Portland results, grades

  • North American Championship: Keith Lee beat Dominik Dijakovic (****)
  • Street Fight: Dakota Kai beat Tegan Nox (***)
  • Finn Balor beat Johnny Gargano (****)
  • NXT Women’s Championship: Rhea Ripley beat Bianca Belair (*** 1/2)
  • NXT Tag Team Championship: Matt Riddle and Pete Dunne beat Undisputed Era (*** 1/2)
  • NXT Championship: Adam Cole beat Tommaso Ciampa (**** 1/2)

WWE NXT TakeOver: Portland review

WWE NXT TakeOver: Portland started with a hoss battle as Keith Lee and Dominik Dijakovic battled for the NXT North American Championship.

Dijakovic is 6’7 and 270 pounds. Keith Lee is 6’2 and 320 pounds. They have been fighting since before they ever signed with NXT and they are 1-1 against each other in NXT.

This match was amazing and they brought everything they had. This included a Dikakovic moonsault from the top rope, outside the ring to Keith Lee, who was sitting in a chair between the two announcer’s tables. Dikakovic hit it perfectly.

It included both men kicking out of power moves that had fans on their feet. The match was very long and the fans seemed to wear down by the end, but these two guys brought it all.

No one expected Keith Lee to win since this was his first TakeOver title defense but Dijakovic had people believing he could win. This match set up the rest of the show with a lot to live up to.

The next match was the street fight between Dakota Kai and Tegan Nox and these two have a lot to live up to after that opening match.

However, because this is a street fight, this won’t allow the crowd a chance to catch their breath.

Nox attacked on the entry ramp and the two fought a lot before the match officially started. When they got to the ring and the match started, Kai brought in a ton of weapons.

This match surpassed all expectations and Tegan Nox was so brutal as the babyface, using a chain on Dakota Kai’s injured knee and she even put the chair around Kai’s neck.

That was her downfall. This calls back to the Johnny Gargano feud with Tommaso Ciampa where Johnny went too far and lost as a result.

This match ended with Raquel Gonzalez making her NXT debut by coming down and throwing Tegan Nox onto a table (which didn’t break) and Dakota Kai got the win.

Gonzalez helped Dakota Kai up and raised her hand in victory but Kai looked very confused.

Johnny Gargano is Johnny TakeOver and he has competed in more than one Match of the Year award for his work in NXT. Finn Balor is the man who made NXT a big thing and since returning as a heel, he has been on fire.

This match had no reason not to be great.

The two men knew each other so well and kept reversing each other’s moves, countering holds, blocking finishers, and turning in a match every fan of Gargano and Balor have come to expect.

However, as Gargano fans know, he never knows when to stop. When he tried to put Balor through a table, it was reversed.

Balor hit the John Woo kick off the table and into the barricade and then he sent Gargano in and hit a flush Coup de Gras and followed it up with the 1916 DDT to win.

The next match was for the NXT Women’s Championship and few people expected Bianca Belair to best Rhea Ripley since Rhea had dared Charlotte to challenge her at WrestleMania.

That meant this match had a lot to live up to since they needed to make Belair look like she had a chance.

Sadly, it never felt like she was going to win. However, despite that, the two women put on a great match and really delivered on the big stage. Ripley won with the Riptide.

After the match, Charlotte Flair showed up and laid out Rhea Ripley in a sneak attack from behind. Charlotte said “I thought about it and I will see you at WrestleMania,” before hitting another shot on Ripley.

Charlotte then grabbed Bianca Belair and tossed her into the ring steps after that as revenge for the previous attack on her.

The next match saw The Undisputed Era defend their titles against the Dusty Rhodes classic winners Matt Riddle and Pete Dunne (Broserweights).

The match started with Matt Riddle trying to lead the crowd to sing-song the “Bobby Fish could fry fish” rhyme, which caused the match to start with a UE attack.

Honestly, the Broserweights have been treated like a comedy tag team since they were put together and even had silly skits leading to NXT TakeOver: Portland so it looked like they were not going to take the belts.

However, the two teams put on a great match that lasted over 15 minutes and ended with The Broswrweights hitting a double team, drop and kick to win the titles.

This is Pete Dunne’s first title since coming to the United States and Matt Riddle’s first WWE title period.

The main event is for the NXT Championship between Adam Cole and Tommaso Ciampa. This is Ciampa’s first shot at the title he had to forfeit when a neck injury forced him to have surgery.

This is a WrestleMania weekend quality match and it is a little surprising to see it taking place now. These guys should put on a tremendous match.

The two competitors were just destroying each other but it went to the limit when Cole dropped Ciampa next first onto the announcer’s table, reminding everyone of his neck problems.

That was hardcore.

The entire story here was Cole constantly working on Ciampa’s neck, as most of his high impact moves were delivered to that neck.

This even included the Panama Sunrise on the floor, and that was just one of many brutal moves.

These two guys just gave it their all and they will be hurting for days after this match.

Sadly, the ending was a screw job with The Undisputed Era running down and attacking Ciampa when Roddy Strong distracted the referee. There was also a referee bump, very unlike WWE NXT.

Then, Johnny Gargano came out and delivered a belt shot to Ciampa.

Then again, this should lead to a rematch WrestleMania weekend with Gargano and maybe Finn Balor in a Fatal Four-Way, so that is a positive.

Overall, every match was great and this was a great TakeOver event, as expected from WWE NXT.

WWE NXT will be back this Wednesday at 8/7c on USA Network.

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