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WWE news: Who are the six new NXT arrivals to the main roster?

WWE News: Who are the 6 new NXT arrivals to the main roster?
EC3 is one of six new arrivals coming up from WWE NXT. Pic credit: WWE

The WWE made some big announcements on Monday Night Raw this week. In order to fight low ratings, they made some changes to the shows and announced the arrival of six WWE NXT superstars.

Here is who the six new NXT arrivals to the main WWE roster are and what you can expect from them.

Lars Sullivan

WWE News: Who are the 6 new NXT arrivals to the main roster?
Lars Sullivan is coming up from WWE NXT. Pic credit: WWE

Up first is Lars Sullivan.

This isn’t because he is the most promising of the NXT arrivals but because he is the one who was announced before this week.

The WWE had already planned on bringing up Sullivan, who has the nickname of The Freak, but there is still no word on which brand he will end up on.

So, who is Lars Sullivan?

Lars debuted in 2017 in WWE NXT and is a big bruiser who weighs in at 330 pounds. He can lift 500 pounds in weights but is also a very smart man who cuts very intelligent promos.

He is a freak. But whether he can stand out in the WWE or not is another story. He never really broke out in WWE NXT so his future is cloudy.


WWE News: Who are the 6 new NXT arrivals to the main roster?
EC3 is is a tailor-made star for the WWE. Pic credit: WWE

Possibly one of the most surprising arrivals in WWE NXT was EC3. Even more surprising was that he kept the name EC3.

He was in the WWE developmental territory before as Derrick Bateman and actually had some dealings with John Cena. Then he left and became a star in Impact Wrestling.

EC3 stands for Ethan Carter III, although the WWE has never said that. He was the “nephew” of Impact owner Dixie Carter and was given everything.

However, over time he developed into one of the best characters there and is now getting the chance to prove himself again in the WWE.

He is a tailor-made star for the WWE but the question is whether they will play to his strengths as a natural heel or push him as a bland face like Bobby Roode.

Nikki Cross

WWE News: Who are the 6 new NXT arrivals to the main roster?
Nikki Cross was with Sanity in WWE NXT. Pic credit: WWE

Fans in the WWE got a chance to see Nikki Cross when she answered a challenge from Becky Lynch. Those who had never seen her before saw her in her full crazed glory.

The fact that she came out with Sanity — who she was with while in WWE NXT before their arrival on SmackDown Live — speaks volumes.

The best bet is to keep her with Sanity as their explosive fire hydrant and that will give her plenty to do while she waits her turn for a woman’s title shot.

Nikki Cross vs. Asuka should be amazing.

Heavy Machinery

WWE News: Who are the 6 new NXT arrivals to the main roster?
Heavy Machinery has the biggest uphill battle from all the call-ups. Pic credit: WWE

The fourth and fifth new arrivals from WWE NXT is Heavy Machinery. They are also likely the call-ups with the biggest uphill battle.

Heavy Machinery is a tag team comprised of Otis Dozovic and Tucker Knight. Dozovic is 5′ 10″ and weighs 309 pounds and is the definition of the word Hoss. Knight is 6′ 3″ and weighs 331 pounds. At a combined weight of 640 pounds, they are super heavyweights.

The problem is that they never won tag titles in WWE NXT and do not look like the kind of people Vince McMahon would push. The main roster barely cares about tag teams anyway and this is one team that is likely to flounder after their arrival from WWE NXT.

Lacey Evans

WWE News: Who are the 6 new NXT arrivals to the main roster?
Lacey Evans is a former U.S. Marine. Pic credit: WWE

The second female on her way up to the WWE from NXT is Lacey Evans.

If anyone has a pedigree coming into the WWE it is Evans. She is a former U.S. Marine that made her NXT debut in 2016. After working as enhancement talent for most of her rookie year, she finally came into her own in 2018.

This is when Evans became a heel and took on the persona of an All-American girl — albeit from a foregone era. She also developed a vicious side and became one of the best heels in the NXT female division.

As long as she keeps her heel tendencies when she comes up, she might offer a legitimate challenge to someone like Ronda Rousey, using her military background to offset Rousey’s MMA pedigree.

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