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WWE news: The real reason Brock Lesnar was not on Monday Night Raw this week

WWE news: The real reason Brock Lesnar was not on Monday Night Raw this week
Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman at SummerSlam 2018 — Pic credit: WWE

Heading into the post-SummerSlam 2018 version of WWE Monday Night Raw, Brock Lesnar was advertised for the show. However, fans who watched Raw saw that Paul Heyman was there to demand the contracted rematch for the WWE Universal Championship that Lesnar lost to Roman Reigns the night before, but Lesnar was not at the event.

Kurt Angle rejected the idea, said there was no way in hell, and then Heyman left. But where was Brock Lesnar?

Fans started to speculate that something happened and Lesnar finally left the WWE after SummerSlam. There was a closed-door meeting with Lesnar and Vince McMahon before that event and then Lesnar was not at the Raw he was advertised for.

It turns out that Brock Lesnar was not going to be on Monday Night Raw and it wasn’t because he was completely finished with the WWE.

PWInsider released a rumor killer about the real reason Brock Lesnar was not on Monday Night Raw this week. It turns out that Lesnar went back home after SummerSlam and was not booked for the show.

That is it.

With that said, Brock Lesnar is gone from the WWE for now. He is no longer under contract with the company and plans to head back to the UFC for a fight against Daniel Cormier in 2019.

With that becoming the focus of Lesnar for now, the WWE has left the door open for him to return when he has finished his current UFC run.

There was also some controversy after Triple H cut a promo hyping his upcoming Austrailian match against The Undertaker. WWE rumors indicated that was thrown into the show to cover up the missing Brock Lesnar.

Instead of a returning Brock Lesnar, the WWE chose to move on to the future and booked The Shield reunion to close out the show.

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