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WWE news: Roman Reigns answers critics after fan accuses him of telling a young girl to ‘get lost’

WWE news: Roman Reigns answers critics after fans accused him of telling a young girl to 'get lost'
Roman Reigns on WWE Monday Night Raw / Photo by WWE

One of the most polarizing WWE superstars today is Roman Reigns. While many hardcore fans have rejected WWE’s attempts at making him the biggest star in the company, Reigns still remains hugely popular with the female and children demographic.

However, a fan on Twitter decided to try to ruin that and posted that Roman Reigns told a little girl to “get lost” when she approached him for a photograph.

Word spread quickly about what happened and fans started to come to the defense of the WWE superstar. Finally, after the arguing continued on Twitter, Roman Reigns stepped up and made an official comment about the situation.

Reigns, who is enjoying a small vacation from the WWE right now, said that it was not a little girl who approached him but an adult. He also said that he didn’t tell anyone to get lost but was trying to explain that he was enjoying rare family time and then said the guy called him a “sell out” and stormed off.

Fans of Roman Reigns started to jump on board and began defending the polarizing WWE superstar. While a lot of fans don’t like how Reigns is booked with the company and his placement on Monday Night Raw, there has never been a question about how he interacts with young children at events.

Another Twitter user named Danielle Babb pointed out that even celebrities deserve private time with their families and said that some people don’t have common courtesy anymore. Another named Neish said that Roman Reigns is a “dad, husband and family man first” and she is proud to be a fan.

Roman Reigns is currently involved in a storyline on Monday Night Raw with former WWE world champion Jinder Mahal. The two will face each other at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view in June.

WWE Monday Night Raw airs on Monday nights at 8 pm EST on the USA Network.

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