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WWE News: New Japan star Kenny Omega teases jumping to WWE

WWE News: New Japan star Kenny Omega teases jumping to WWE
New Day took on Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks at Street Fighter.

When it comes to wrestlers not under contract to the WWE, one of the best in the world is easily New Japan star Kenny Omega.

At the moment, Omega is the leader of The Elite — a spin-off of Bullet Club. Fans in the WWE have likely heard of Bullet Club, as it was a New Japan Pro Wrestling group founded by Raw superstar Finn Balor and also led by current WWE world champion AJ Styles.

Currently, Kenny Omega leads one faction of Bullet Club while Cody Rhodes leads another splinter of it. Those two men are set to battle this weekend at the NJPW G1 Special.

Omega was recently on The Ross Report (via Wrestling Inc) — a podcast by WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross, a man who also happens to be the lead commentator for the New Japan broadcasts in the United States. In that interview, the two men discussed the WWE.

When asked about the possibility of joining the WWE, Kenny Omega had something interesting to say. In the past, Omega has always talked about remaining in New Japan — which he says has the best wrestling in the world. He even recently wrestled WWE legend Chris Jericho in that promotion.

His partners in The Elite — The Young Bucks — also have no reason to want to leave for the WWE. They have an empire they built on the independent scene and have reached a level where their products are bestsellers at Hot Topic locations and they even teamed with Cody to promote and sell out their own indie show in Chicago called All In.

However, Kenny Omega had the “never say never” attitude when talking to Jim Ross.

“WWE right now has a very great collection of talent with guys and I would feel like it’s a missed opportunity if I couldn’t work with them at some point,” Omega said.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean he wants to go to the WWE.

In an interesting move, the WWE allowed their top trio team, The New Day, to attend the video game convention E3 and put on a show with The Elite. This wasn’t a wrestling show — but the two groups had a Street Fighter video game competition against each other.

One wonders if the WWE is reaching the point where they will work with rival promotions and, if so, could the WWE and New Japan put on a co-branded show in the future?

RIght now, people are running with the idea of Kenny Omega jumping to the WWE — possibly in the same manner as AJ Styles and debuting at the 2019 Royal Rumble.

The chances of that are slim, but as everyone likes to say, never say never.

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