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WWE News: John Cena reveals when he plans to leave the WWE for good

John Cena talks about when he will leave the WWE for good. Pic credit: WWE

John Cena made his return to SmackDown Live this past Tuesday and helped put over Becky Lynch. He will also appear on Monday Night Raw for the next two weeks.

However, many fans are wondering why Cena is coming back at all if he only plans to stick around for a few weeks before leaving again.

When will John Cena leave the WWE?

According to John Cena in an exclusive with SmackDown Live, he won’t leave the WWE, despite his Hollywood career taking off.

Cena just starred in the holiday blockbuster Bumblebee and has watched his career as a movie star begin to take off. While he is nowhere near the level of The Rock – or even Batista – he is picking up a lot of offers.

However, Cena said that he needs the WWE to give him a sense of balance in his life and career.

“[The WWE] is my home, this is my family, and I’m realizing how tough it is to balance everything but I’m here, and the best I can do is manage my time the best I can, and really just never leave my family out to dry.”


Cena also said that he has some “wonderful” opportunities coming up that will force him to stay away from the WWE, but he feels it will help the WWE on a larger scale in the long run.

Cena’s response to the WWE Universe

“As a 41-going-on-42-year-old man, I’m not afraid of taking those chances, even if some people are soured with my chances.”


It makes sense. At his age, Cena can’t quite do what he used to do in the ring, even if someone like AJ Styles is still going strong at the same age.

After the next two weeks of Monday Night Raw, Cena will be leaving again to make another movie. While fans might hate him showing up for just two weeks, he is putting over younger stars and is not getting into the title picture.

John Cena is going to move away from his wrestling career more and more as his Hollywood star rises, but he promises that he won’t leave the WWE Universe completely.

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