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WWE news: Is Liv Morgan really hurt? Daniel Bryan offers comments about Brie Bella incident last week

WWE news: Is Liv Morgan really hurt? Daniel Bryan offers comments about Brie Bella incident last week
Is Liv Morgan really hurt after Brie Bella Yes Kicks? Pic credit: WWE

Last week on WWE Monday Night Raw, Brie Bella was in the ring with Liv Morgan during a match, and Brie appeared to injure the Riott Squad member with a hard kick.

While there are many moments in the WWE where they make a move look worse than it is, this time the move was really a legitimate strike.

Morgan collapsed in the ring, and the match continued on.

Is Liv Morgan really hurt?

Liv Morgan was legitimately injured in the match with Brie Bella last week on WWE Monday Night Raw. The two wrestlers mistimed a Yes Kick, and Bella struck Liv in the face with one of the kicks and then kicked her again.

The two kicks concussed Liv Morgan, and she collapsed in the ring.

However, in a worse move, the referee did not stop the match or get Liv Morgan to safety. Instead, Brie Bella rolled Morgan to the corner to tag out, and then, the referee allowed Morgan to take another bump, which caused the third hit to her head.

Doctors finally forced her out of the ring.

According to Ringside News, the referee was not aware that Liv Morgan was injured, even though he was looking right at her when she took the brutal kick to the face.

When will Liv Morgan return?

Interestingly, Liv Morgan was back in a WWE ring at a house show over the weekend.

However, while she was there in a six-person match against Natalya, Dana Brooke, and Ember Moon, she stayed in the corner the entire match and did not take part in any moves or take any bumps.

The fact that she was at the ring at all makes it seem she passed whatever passes for the WWE concussion protocol.

Daniel Bryan defends Brie Bella

Daniel Bryan took to Twitter to defend his wife, Brie Bella, after the Liv Morgan injury.

Bryan pointed out that all wrestlers have moments that they accidentally hurt someone else. He mentioned how he concussed Randy Orton with a chair shot in 2012 and concussed Nigel McGuinness in 2009.

He then told fans to stop cyberbullying; a comment based on the vitriol given towards his wife after the incident on WWE Monday Night Raw last week after the Liv Morgan injury.

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