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WWE news: Enzo Amore tries to hijack Survivor Series, gets thrown out by security

WWE news: Enzo Amore tries to hijack Survivor Series, gets thrown out by security
Enzo Amore got thrown out of Survivor Series. Pic credit: WWE

In what has to be a shocking move and a sad attempt at publicity, former WWE superstar Enzo Amore showed up at Survivor Series and tried to hijack the show.

Fans saw Amore at Survivor Series before he made his move and the photos hit Twitter, which caused the reaction to be swift and precise.

At least one fan saw Enzo Amore hiding in disguise in the audience at Survivor Series.

Then, Enzo Amore jumped up during the tag team match between The Bar and the Authors of Pain, stood on his chair and started yelling out a promo to the crowd. Many fans cheered him when they saw him.

Quickly, security jumped to attention and moved in quick. They tackled Enzo Amore to the ground and then escorted him out of the building.

This is the WWE, so there is no telling what is real and what is not real. At the moment, many believe that he bought a ticket and did this on purpose to get attention.

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Enzo Amore was in the news earlier today as well. He released a new rap song (that is what he has been doing since the WWE fired him) and seemed to reference his ex-girlfriend Liv Morgan in the song.

Liv Morgan (who was on SmackDown Live’s team at Survivor Series) responded on Twitter.

Remember, Enzo Amore was fired when he failed to tell the WWE that a woman had filed domestic abuse charges against him. Law enforcement has since dropped their investigation into Amore and the case did not move forward.

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