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WWE news: Did Kevin Owens really quit on Monday Night Raw?

WWE news: Did Kevin Owens really quit on Monday Night Raw?
Kevin Owens — did he really quit the WWE? Pic credit: WWE

Kevin Owens has had it tough for the last year in the WWE.

He had an explosive opportunity when he won the WWE Universal Championship in a tournament – only the second man to win that title – and that led to an amazing partnership with Chris Jericho and then their great feud.

However, since that ended, he has feuded once again with Sami Zayn and then ended up in a feud with Shane McMahon, where he fought the boss’s son and Daniel Bryan in a tag team match with Sami Zayn, where they lost and ended up fired from SmackDown Live.

Owens rebounded and ended up on WWE Monday Night Raw – but things have not gone well there either. Instead of feuding with a McMahon, Owens was in a feud with Braun Strowman where he was beaten brutally for months.

In an interview with CBS Sports, he was asked about that feud and admitted that is wasn’t a lot of fun, saying it was his job and he was doing it, but it was not a fun part of his career.

He also talked about a dream he had of wrestling Finn Balor at WrestleMania.

With the Braun Strowman feud over following a squash match at SummerSlam 2018, Owens came out on Monday Night Raw this past week and challenged Seth Rollins for the WWE Intercontinental Championship. The match was amazing, with Rollins picking up the hard-fought win.

It was one of the best matches Kevin Owens has had in a long time.

However, after the match ended and Monday Night Raw came back from commercial, Kevin Owens was still sitting in the ring. He took the mic and said two words: “I quit.”

In a world where people doubt everything, there was still a lot of people online asking if this was a shoot (meaning real and not scripted). Did Kevin Owens really quit the WWE?

Kevin Owens deleted his name from his Twitter account and replaced it with a period. He also deleted every tweet from the page and only left up photos of some of the biggest moments in his WWE career.

The first set of pics was his highest moments – all early in his career. The second set of pics was the lowest of the lows – all from his feud with Braun Strowman.

No one has heard from him since.

Wrestling Inc reports that this is all part of a larger storyline. The idea is that he might end up moved back to SmackDown Live.

There is an interesting caveat to the entire idea that Kevin Owens quit the WWE. This could end up making Owens a monster star when he returns.

No, WWE fans don’t like quitters, but even when he was working as a heel, Owens had fans who appreciated his work. He put in a lot of effort to sell for the babyfaces and he did all the little things to make people believe in his matches.

He is – regardless of how he looks – one of the best in the business when it comes to selling a professional wrestling match inside that ring.

Kevin Owens recently signed a new extension to remain with the WWE and this is the start of a new story to kick off the next phase of his WWE career.

With Kevin Owens getting screwed over every step of the way by the babyface authority figure in Shane McMahon, he was a heel getting bullied. With Braun Strowman trying to hurt Kevin Owens in and out of the ring, and Kurt Angle refusing to do anything about it, Owens was a heel getting bullied.

He finally quit and there is a chance he could return with an attitude — maybe the Stone Cold Steve Austin for a new era.

Whatever happens, this could recharge Kevin Owens and relaunch his career again. Kevin Owens did not quit the WWE but leaving for a short time could be the best thing he ever did.

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