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WWE news: Batista admits why he quit the WWE the first time around

WWE news: Batista admits why he quit the WWE the first time around
Batista has spoken out about the first time he quit WWE. Pic credit: WWE

Everyone knows the story of Batista’s last run in the WWE.

The WWE had watched Dave Bautista start to see some success in Hollywood and had him return to the company as a face, first in a feud against Alberto Del Rio and then as a contender for Randy Orton’s world title.

There was a problem.

Batista wanted to be a heel and said that the fans would never want him back as a babyface. The WWE said he was wrong and brought him back as a babyface, and the WWE Universe didn’t care. When he won the Royal Rumble over Daniel Bryan, the fans all turned on him.

Batista said he knew this would happen and the WWE wouldn’t listen. He did the right thing, turned heel and took the loss to Bryan. He then left before SummerSlam and went on to make Guardians of the Galaxy and become a huge Hollywood star.

Now, Batista is sharing a story of the first time he quit the WWE.

Knowing his wrestling career had a shelf life, as he was already over 40, he wanted to become an actor. However, he said in an interview with TalkSport that he knew that he sucked at acting and wanted to become better at it and train. He asked the WWE if they would let him do that while wrestling and they said no.

Batista said that he asked if he could get the opportunities to do some acting outside the WWE and they rejected that too. As a result, Batista said that he chose to let his contract expire and then left to do it anyway.

Thanks to his decision, Batista ended up improving and picking up big roles in Riddick, Blade Runner 2049, as a henchman in the James Bond film Spectre and then as Drax the Destroyer in Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers: Infinity War.

With the WWE refusing to work with him on his acting career and then ignoring him when he rightly warned them against a babyface role in his last return, it is no wonder that Batista is refusing to return to the WWE at this stage of his career.

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