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WWE News: AJ Styles attacks Vince McMahon, what does this mean for the Phenomenal One?

WWE News: AJ Styles attacks Vince McMahon, what does this mean for the Phenomenal One?
AJ Styles attacks Vince McMahon on SmackDown Live. Pic credit: WWE

In a shocking conclusion to SmackDown Live on Christmas Day, Vince McMahon confronted AJ Styles and the Phenomenal One ended up attacking the Chairman of the WWE.

Vince McMahon provokes AJ Styles

It all started when the two met up backstage. They shook hands and then Vince McMahon asked him his name. It was an interesting question for one of the best WWE wrestlers of all time.

However, there was a method to his madness. McMahon knew who AJ Styles was but he wanted to try to get AJ to turn things up a little bit.

He asked if SmackDown Live was the “House that AJ Styles Built,” then why wasn’t he wrestling there on Christmas Day? Why was Daniel Bryan raising hell while AJ Styles was walking around backstage and doing nothing?

McMahon said that he saw the “new Daniel Bryan” but he wants to know who the “real AJ Styles” is. He said there is an “animal” inside of AJ Styles and it is eating him up.

McMahon said he wants to see that “animal” and slaps AJ Styles in the face so Styles knocks the crap out of McMahon.

The real reason for AJ Styles’ SmackDown Live confrontation

So, what does this mean? What does this mean for the future of the man who held the WWE world title for over a year?

The truth is that AJ Styles needs a reboot right now. He was the best champion in the WWE for over a year, but by the end, it felt like time for a change.

He was the babyface for a long time and it might be the time that the WWE decided to do something fresh with him.

There are a few ways that AJ Styles could go from here.

One is a feud with the Authority, which makes little sense since Stephanie McMahon said the fans were now the authority on Monday Night Raw last week.

The second option could be a heel turn and a reunion as The Club. This could put Styles in a position to revive the gimmick he had when he debuted in the WWE.

However, there is one more big option in line for AJ Styles.

Could AJ Styles be ready to move to Monday Night Raw?

McMahon asked why AJ Styles wasn’t out there wrestling in “The House that AJ Styles Built?” What if Styles decides he needs to prove his legacy by taking over Monday Night Raw as well?

What if AJ Styles wins the Royal Rumble and challenges Brock Lesnar instead of Daniel Bryan — and then beats him at WrestleMania?

This could open up some fresh feuds. A heel AJ Styles against Seth Rollins or a babyface AJ Styles against Drew McIntyre.

It is a fresh change and something that could not only reinvigorate AJ Styles career but prove he is one of the best of all time and really light up Monday Night Raw in 2019.

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