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WWE Monday Night Raw review, recap and grades: New champions plus all-out warfare on Raw

WWE Monday Night Raw review, recap and grades
Cedric Alexander is about to take flight on WWE Monday Night Raw. Pic credit: WWE

WWE Monday Night Raw this week had a new aggressive feel and it seems that Paul Heyman is finally starting to show a bit of what he was capable of when he ran ECW.

This show had two title changes and some brutal and violent action, a nice changeup from the recent lackluster episodes.

First up, the results:

WWE Monday Night Raw results and grades

  • R-Truth and Carmella beat Drake Maverick and Renee Michelle (**)
  • Mike Kanellis won the 24/7 title (NR)
  • Gauntlet Match
    • Rey Mysterio beat Cesaro (***)
    • Rey Mysterio beat Sami Zayn (*)
    • Andrade beat Rey Mysterio (***)
    • Ricochet beat Andrade (****)
  • Maria Kanelliswon the 24/7 title (NR)
  • The Club beat The Usos and Revival to win the Raw tag team titles (***)
  • Viking Raiders beat enhancement talent (NR)
  • Becky Lynch beat Alexa Bliss (**)
  • Becky Lynch beat Nikki Cross (*)
  • Seth Rollins beat Dolph Ziggler by DQ (** 1/2)
  • Roman Reigns vs. Samoa Joe went to a no-contest (***)

WWE Monday Night Raw review

Monday Night Raw started with a jokey promo about the prestigious 24/7 title. Then, there was an actual match with the title on the line.

On one side was Drake Maverick and his new bride Renee Michelle and on the other was R-Truth and Carmella. It was nothing special, with R-Truth winning.

After the match everyone ren in the ring and covered R-Truth and the referee counted three and Mike Kanellis came out with the title.

The only purpose of this was so Maria Kanellis could later cut his balls off by ordering him to lay down for her to win the title. As a pregnant woman, no one would touch her as she left as the champion.

It was … interesting, but not great.

Up next was a gauntlet match where the winner got a shot at the United States Champion AJ Styles at SummerSlam. Rey Mysterio and Cesaro started off, and as expected they were great.

It seemed to make no sense to have Cesaro lose here they looked to be building him up, but that is WWE for you. Sami Zayn was made a joke after that (and the cradle for the pin was botched too).

Rey vs. Andrade was great, as it always is when they fight. The match between Ricochet and Andrade was fantastic, as expected, as these two men should be stars in WWE for a very long time.

Ricochet vs. AJ Styles is no surprise for SummerSlam.

Alexa Bliss was booked to fight Becky Lynch tonight and set up her match with A Moment of Bliss where she showed a video of Becky attacking Fit Finley while he was working with Natalya, and the fans loved Becky anyway.

Before that match could happen, the Raw tag team titles were on the line in a three-way and The Revival saw their reign come to an end. It seems disappointing to see them lose on Raw instead of a PPV and just like that, they are challengers again.

The interesting thing is that, after years of jobbing, The Club is the champions. AJ Styles celebrated with his boys in the back after the match, and all three men are holding titles. That is the positive thing about this change.

The Viking Raiders were up next and squashed a couple of nobodies.

Becky Lynch’s match with Alexa Bliss ended early when Bliss started crying and held her ankle. The doctor said she could not continue so Lynch won.

This pissed off Bliss’ BFF Nikki Cross who challenged Becky. Then, Becky won easily. That sucked to see it was so easy but after the match, Bliss and Nikki beat the hell out of Becky (Nikki is a full-fledged heel now) and then Natalya came down, chased them off, and then locked in the sharpshooter on Becky.

Seth Rollins battled Dolph Ziggler because Seth is a locker-room leader and was mad that Ziggler sucker-punched Shawn Michaels last week on SmackDown Live. The two put on a great match, as usual for them, but it ended with no winner.

That is because Brock Lesnar came down and brutalized Seth Rollins. He threw him ribs first into the ring post and then dropped him with multiple F5’s on a chair until Rollin was spitting up blood. Paul Heyman had to beg Brock to stop.

Backstage, they were loading Rollins into an ambulance when Roman Reigns checked on him. However, The Club attacked The Usos backstage and Roman went to help, only for Samoa Joe to attack him. The bad guys beat them down and then …

Brock Lesnar stopped the ambulance from leaving, pulled Seth Rollins out, and dropped him with another F5 on the stretcher.

This was amazing, as Brock Lesnar just destroyed Seth Rollins in the most brutal attack on Monday Night Raw in forever.

Roman Reigns was pissed and went to the ring for his “Samoan Summit” with Samoa Joe and just attacked him.

The two fought until Drew McIntrye ran down to make it 2-on-1 against Roman Reigns. That is when Cedric Alexander ran in to even the odds (I love them making Cedric a part of a big angle with main event stars).

The Club came down then the Usos came in.

Then, a glorious brawl took place. Big moments included Drew Mcintyre throwing Cedric into the LED boards and then Cedric climbing to the top and throwing himself onto everyone.

The good guys stood tall at the end with Reigns, The Usos, and Cedric standing together in the end.

The stuff with Maria was unnecessary, honestly, but we will see where the story goes. The matches were mostly all good with the gauntlet, the tag title match, and Seth vs. Dolph all really good.

The brawls and action were awesome with both of the closing two angles fantastic. Overall, this was a fun episode of Monday Night Raw.

WWE Monday Night Raw airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. EST on USA Network.

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