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WWE Monday Night Raw review, recap, and grades: Huge WWE superstar makes return for main event

WWE Monday Night Raw review, recap and grades: Huge WWE superstar makes return for main event
Seth Rollins and the AOP had a surprise on Raw. Pic credit: WWE

WWE Monday Night Raw saw Brock Lesnar make a huge announcement and saw the return of the biggest wrestler in WWE today for the main event.

Here is a look at this week’s WWE Monday Night Raw recap, review, and grades.

Brock Lesnar

The show opened with Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman coming down to the ring. After Heyman said no one on Monday Night Raw deserves to fight Brock Lesnar for the Universal title, he said they will make history.

Heyman said he will let everyone on Raw and SmackDown fight Lesnar at the Royal Rumble because Lesnar will enter the Rumble, as the first entrant.

This is interesting since the Royal Rumble determines the challenger for WrestleMania, so if Brock Lesnar goes from start to finish and wins, that throws a monkey wrench into the plans.

However, if someone eliminates Lesnar, that could foreshadow the Lesnar WrestleMania match.

Andrade vs. Rey Mysterio

The first match on Monday Night Raw in 2020 was for the United States Championship and saw Andrade defend against Rey Mysterio.

This is the rematch for Rey after he lost his title to Andrade at a house show at Madison Square Garden.

Rey actually appeared to win the match, but Zelina Vega had put Andrade’s foot on the ropes so the referee restarted the match. It then ended when Rey accidentally took down Zelina and felt so bad that he was distracted when Andrade hit the hammerlock DDT to win.

Andrade then stole Rey’s mask, a major insult to Luchadore wrestlers. Later, backstage, Rey attacked Andrade and officials had to pull him off.

Winner: Andrade (*** 1/2)

Viking Raiders vs. Street Profits vs. The OC

It looks like 2020 is starting off with a bang as this was the second title match in a row with the Viking Raiders putting their Raw tag titles on the line in a triple threat match.

It was a good match, with all three teams looking good, but the Viking Raiders finished with the win when Ivar pinned Karl Anderson.

Winners: The Viking Raiders (***)

Becky Lynch was out next. She talked about challenging Asuka, a woman she has never beaten, and said it might be a mistake. However, she is The Man and that brought out Asuka.

Asuka came down talking smack in Japanese and then when she got into Lynch’s face, the champ punched her in the mouth and left.

Erick Rowan vs. KJ Orso

Before this match took place, Erick Rowan finally let someone see what was in his cage. It was Mojo Rawley who then freaked out and ran away, asking Rowan what the hell was wrong with him.

Rowan offered KJ Orso a chance to see but the little guy just wanted to run away. Rowan finally went into the ring and killed the dude. After the match, he forced him to look in the cage and the guy ran off with something red all over his face, screaming.

Winner: Erick Rowan (**)

AJ Styles vs. Akira Tozawa

Poor Akira Tozawa. He used to be one of the top contenders for the Cruiserweight title. Now he just loses every week on Monday Night Raw.

Styles beat Tozawa using Randy Orton’s hanging DDT followed by the RKO. After the match, AJ Styles celebrated on the turnbuckle using Orton’s pose.

Next week, it is AJ Styles vs. Randy Orton.

Winner; AJ Styles (**)

It was time for Lana and Bobby Lashley and these are the Days of Our Lives. Well, remember last week’s wedding that everyone interrupted? This week, the official was back and named them husband and wife.

Lana then got a mic and said she is sad and it is the fans’ fault.

Then Rusev was on the big screen in front of an obvious fake beach. He said he took a honeymoon to celebrate the wedding of Lana and Lashley. Rusev then presented a photo montage of the wedding last week.

Lashley was pissed. Lana started to yell at Rusev and Lashley told her to shut up. As Lana stared daggers into Lashley, he challenged Rusev to show up next week for a butt-kicking. Rusev said he would be there as the Bulgarian Brute and would destroy Lashley and Lana could have what was left of him.

By the way, R-Truth has now won more titles than anyone in WWE history thanks to the joke that is the 24/7 Championship. Also, Liv Morgan will be here next week for the Rusev vs. Lashley match.

Charlotte vs. Sarah Logan

Sarah Logan attacked before the match and kicked the crap out of Charlotte. The two went back and forth and Sarah was just killing her.

This is exactly how Sarah Logan should be booked.

However, Logan then took Charlotte’s robe and started tossing it around and wiped her feet on it. This caused Charlotte to spear her, beat her down, and leave wearing her robe.

There was no official match.

Winner: No Match (NR)

Drew McIntyre vs. No Way Jose

Drew McIntyre came down and beat up some of the Conga Line. He then beat up No Way Jose. He then beat up more Conga Line members. He then beat up No Way Jose and pinned him.

After the match, he asked if OKC wanted to see another Claymore Kick and they did so he took Jose’s head off again.

Winner: Drew McIntyre (ALL THE STARS)

Aleister Black vs. Shelton Benjamin

Shelton Benjamin deserves a push. He has never gotten to show how great he really is in WWE. With that said, Black killed him in under three minutes.

After the match, Buddy Murphy came down and attacked Black. Murphy hit some big knees, some serious strikes, and then used a chair to make his final knee strike even deadlier.

Next week, Aleister Black will fight Buddy Murphy again.

Winner: Aleister Black (**)

Seth Rollins and AOP vs. Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe, and Big Show

There was a big mystery through the entire show that Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe had a mystery partner for tonight. It turned out to be The Big Show in his first TV match in WWE since 2018.

This was also the first time AOP and Seth Rollins have teamed up in an actual match. It was a great brawl and Big Show looked happy to be back.

As expected, there was no decision as Seth Rollins attacked Big Show with a chair when he was trying to double chokeslam AOP.

This means next week will be a rematch in a “Fist Fight” — whatever that means.

Winner: No Winner (***)

This was a huge change from last week’s Monday Night Raw and seemed better paced, the Lana stuff was put in the middle, and there were some great matches and some fun squash matches.

However, it also was nicely written and set up matches for next week including:

  • Seth Rollins and AOP vs. Owens, Joe, and Big Show in a Fist Fight
  • Buddy Murphy vs. Aleister Black – Part 3
  • Randy Orton vs. AJ Styles
  • Rusev vs. Bobby Lashley

Overall, this was a great episode of Monday Night Raw and a nice start to the new decade.

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