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WWE Monday Night Raw recap, review and grades: Seth Rollins and Baron Corbin prepare for Stomping Grounds PPV

Monday Night Raw recap
Ricochet won a chance at the U.S. title on Sunday at Stomping Ground. Pic credit: WWE

On the last episode of Monday Night Raw before WWE holds their Stomping Grounds PPV, Baron Corbin looks for a referee to help him on Sunday, Becky Lynch faces off with Lacey Evans before their match, and four men fight for the right to challenge Samoa Joe for the U.S. Championship.

Elias opens Monday Night Raw this week as one of the Wild Cards from SmackDown Live. He said that he is there as a special guest of Baron Corbin and then he took off his shirt to show a referee shirt.

Baron asked Elias to be the special guest referee at Stomping Ground this weekend and then Seth Rollins shows up and kills him with a chair.

Rollins then said that this will happen to anyone who considers accepting Corbin’s invitation to be the referee.

After Seth Rollins leaves, Miz comes out. He hits the Skull Crushing Finale on Elias. Bobby Lashley comes out and hits the spear on Elias.

Cesaro comes out and does the Cesaro Swing on Elias. Ricochet comes out and hits the facebuster. Braun Strowman comes out and hits a powerslam on Elias.

Match 1: Miz vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Cesaro vs. Ricochet vs. Braun Strowman

The winner of this match fights Samoa Joe at Stomping Ground for the U.S. Championship.

As expected, Braun Strowman came in and just ran over everyone, destroying anyone who tried to step up to him. Cesaro was able to, amazingly, picked up Strowman on his shoulders and hit a side slam.

Eventually, Braun Strowman used his size and strength to pin Cesaro with the powerslam and then Bobby Lashley with the powerslam.

Ricochet started to try to take it to Braun to no avail. However, Bobby Lashley ran back in and hit a spear on Strowman. This is No DQ, by the way. Cesaro came in and hit the Neutralizer. Then, Ricochet went up and his the 630 and with Lashley and Cesaro’s help, he pinned Strowman.

Braun was pissed and attacked Ricochet, throwing him out of the ring and onto Lashley. He then went out and threw Lashley into the barricade and then ran up the ramp and threw Cesaro into the digital screen.

Back to the ring, Ricochet and The Miz turned in a great performance at the end and Ricochet ended up winning with the 630. These two need to feud in the future.

After the match, Samoa Joe ran in and tried to beat down Ricochet but Ricochet fought back and stood tall by the end.

Winner: Ricochet (*** 1/2)

Becky Lynch is out next.

Lynch said that the next time that Lacey Evans comes within striking distance, she will give her what she deserves. She then said that she would like to “kick your ass all over Los Angeles.”

Lacey Evans comes out and said that no one cares what Becky Lynch wants. She tells Becky that she has been through more than Lynch has ever been through.

She then mentions that she is a real United States Marine, unlike Becky Lynch (who only played one in the movies). Lynch said that she knows Lacey’s story and respects who she was but what she is now is a “steaming pile of trash.”

Lacey Evans decided to come into the ring in a slow sultry way and that was a mistake because Becky Lynch grabbed her on the way in and hit the Becksploder before walking out wearing Lacey’s hat.

The Revival show up with their new tag team titles and are allowed entrance into Shane McMahon’s VIP lounge, where Drew McIntyre is also in attendance.

Elias has chosen not to be the referee for the Seth Rollins vs. Baron Corbin match and Corbin said he has someone else in mind and will reveal it on the Kevin and Sami Show later tonight.

Seth Rollins shows up and smashes Baron Corbin with a chair. He then said he has more work to do now.

Daniel Bryan is out next with Rowan. Earlier today, WWE announced Seth Rollins will fight Daniel Bryan tonight on Monday Night Raw (Bryan is the Wild Card from SmackDown Live).

The Viking Raiders come out and face down Daniel Bryan and Rowan before heading to the ring.

The Viking Raiders vs. Local Talent

The Viking Raiders kill a pair of local nobodies.

Winners: Viking Raiders (No Rating / Squash Match)

R-Truth is there and everyone is chasing him to try to win the 24/7 title.

Heath Slater shows up at Shane McMahon’s VIP room and asks for a raise. He is rejected and Slater leaves. Drew McIntyre follows his old 3-Man Band partner out and offers him money to help.

It was a setup and he slams Slater’s head into the wall over and over. Shane and The Revival pull him off and then The Revival steals the money Drew offered Slater from off the ground.

Up next is the Sami and Kevin Show. Their guest is Baron Corbin. Corbin announces that EC3 will be the guest referee for Sunday. EC3 comes out and then Seth Rollins comes out and knocks him out with a few chair shots.

New Day shows up and talks smack and Baron Corbin challenges them to a match.

Backstage, AJ Styles is talking to someone and then Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson showed up in their doctor gimmick. They try to chat up their Bullet Club past but Styles calls them out for being jokes now and not taking things seriously, saying that is why they aren’t on TV anymore. He tells them to man up and take things seriously.

2/3 Falls: New Day vs. Baron Corbin, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn

Xavier Woods pinned Sami Zayn for the first fall.

The end then came when Baron Corbin accidentally kicked Sami Zayn so Kevin Owens superkicked him and they bailed. Kofi Kingston pinned Corbin for the second straight pin to win.

Winner: New Day (**)

Paul Heyman comes out and makes fun of Los Angeles, pointing out that the Lakers traded a (Lonzo) Ball to a playmate that LeBron can have by his side when he disappoints Los Angeles.

Heyman then said that maybe Brock Lesnar is there tonight.

Baron Corbin asked Eric Young if he will be the referee for his match and he said he would think about it.

Seth Rollins then saw Young and he said he would not be the referee and Rollins said they have been friends for a long time and he knows Young wouldn’t do anything to get in the way of their friendship.

Young walked off and then Seth Rollins killed him with a chair anyway.

The Usos vs. Gallows and Anderson

Michael Cole is doing a lot of talking here about Gallows and Anderson’s IWGP title reigns. Interesting.

However, playing into what AJ Styles was talking about earlier, Karl Anderson was on the advantage and then started messing around and playing to the crowd.

He took so long that The Usos had time to recover and then they hit a Double Superkick onto Gallows and pinned him. AJ Styles was not happy in the back watching this.

Winners: The Usos (**)

Roman Reigns comes out next and challenged Shane McMahon to come out and be a man for the first time in his life.

However, Shane comes on the Titantron and has Mike Rome give him his special introduction. He tells Roman not to be ashamed of losing to the Best in the World at Super Showdown.

Shane rejects the challenge and he tells Roman Reigns to pay more attention to his match at Stomping Ground against Drew McIntyre. Drew then said he would hurt Roman so much at Stomping Ground that it will be very uncomfortable and then talked about Roman’s family.

Roman Reigns had enough and went back to find the VIP room.

The Revival was the first line of defense but Roman Reigns beat both of them down. Roman then went in and attacked. Drew McIntyre tried to stop him but Roman beat him down and put him through a table.

He then gave chase to Shane McMahon.

McMahon ended up at ringside and Roman Reigns caught him. He then beat the hell out of Shane. He hit the Superman Punch and then the Spear.

Roman Reigns told Shane McMahon to crawl to the back and tell Drew McIntyre that he would beat his ass on Sunday.

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship: The IIconics vs. Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross

This is actually the first title defense for The IIconics on television since they won the titles at WrestleMania 35.

Alexa Bliss has been talking smack about Bayley online, claiming she is not as nice in real life as she pretends to be (they fight for the SmackDown Women’s Championship on Sunday). Bayley comes out before the match to watch.

Alexa Bliss was knocked outside the ring. The IIconics wrapped up a startled Nikki Cross and when Alexa Bliss tried to get in to help her, Bayley pulled her back out and cost them the match.

Backstage later, Nikki Cross admits that Alexa Bliss is right and Bayley is not who she claims to be and Bayley stomped Nikki’s dreams and she wants to be in Bliss’ corner at Stomping Grounds to ruin Bayley’s dreams.

Winners: The IIconics (*)


The latest installment of the Firefly Fun House is next.

Bray Wyatt is watering flowers and gardening. Gardens are like your minds and they need water and sunshine to grow.

Bray Wyatt is claiming that the Earth might not be round and dinosaurs might not be extinct. Bray said that he knows what it is like to be different and he built this place so they can all be together. All the puppets say to join them.

Bray Wyatt wants you to join us where the fun never has to end. People worship what they fear and fear is power — follow the leader and do the muscle man dance. Then, the music alternates and clips appear on the screen in rapid-fire format– Follow the Leader — Let Me In.

Seth Rollins vs. Daniel Bryan

Seth Rollins has never beaten Daniel Bryan in a one-on-one match in WWE.

After just one minute, Rowan interferes and slams Rollins onto the ring apron. That is a DQ win for Rollins but then New Day, The Usos, The Revival, Kevin Owens, and Sami Zayn all run down and a brawl ensues.

The ring announcer then claims the match will restart and everyone (including Rowan) is banned from ringside.

As expected, this was a great match. It was a nice sprint with both guys delivering their moves and playing well off each other. This was easily the best match on the show, and between this and the elimination match that opened the show, there were two solid matches with a lot of “stuff” in the middle.

After the match, it was time for Baron Corbin to get revenge and he showed up with a chair and beat down Seth Rollins with it (including what looked like a shot to the back of the neck). Corbin followed Rollins into the ring and hit End of Days on Rollins.

The special guest referee WWE promised us tonight was never named.

Winner: Seth Rollins (*** 1/2)

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