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WWE Monday Night Raw recap, results, grades: Sasha Banks makes huge return to WWE

WWE Monday Night Raw recap, results, grades: Seth Rollins vs. AJ Styles main events show
AJ Styles vs. Seth Rollins headlined Monday Night Raw. Pic credit: WWE

Seth Rollins opened up Monday Night Raw as the new WWE Universal Champion. He basically said the title is now back on Raw.

AJ Styles then came out with the OC and said that they were all champions (Styles is the U.S. Champion while the Good Brothers are the Raw tag champs).

Styles then congratulated Rollins for beating Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam 2019 but then said that things have changed but Rollins now needs to worry about facing AJ Styles. Rollins accepted the challenge for tonight.

They shook hands and The OC faked an attack. Styles told Rollins to be scared.

Samoa Joe vs. Sami Zayn

Samoa Joe was still pissed that everyone blamed him for the attack on Roman Reigns. So, Joe killed Zayn and made him tap out to the Coquita Clutch.

After the match, Joe told the fans that he will never forgive any of them for blaming him.

Winner: Samoa Joe (**)

The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler

The Miz and Dolph Ziggler were scheduled to wrestle tonight after the Bill Goldberg match from SummerSlam. However, Ziggler came in dressed in street clothes still selling the three spears from last night.

Ziggler said that he can’t medically compete, but it was a lie, and Ziggler attacked Miz when he turned his back.

It didn’t matter. When the show returned, The Miz beat Ziggler with the Figure Four by submission. Just like at SummerSlam, Ziggler called Miz a coward and told him to come back so Miz did and hit the Skull Crushing Finale.

Winner: The Miz (** 1/2)

Elias vs. Ricochet

This match wasn’t scheduled. Instead, Elias came out and said he was there to perform a concert but knew someone would interrupt him.

He counted down and waited to see who would attack after Edge did it last night. No one came out so when Elias said he was going to have an uninterrupted concert, Ricochet came out.

Ricochet said no one interrupts him because they think it is cool. He said they do it because Elias sucks.

Ricochet won the match by pinfall, although it looked like Elias might have gotten a shoulder up.

Winner: Ricochet (**)

2/3 Falls: Rey Mysterio vs. Andrade

Rey Mysterio and Andrade have put on some of the best matches on Monday Night Raw this year. I get that people are getting tired of the match, but as long as they are great matches, I say give us more.

Andrade cheated to win the first fall when he put his legs on the ropes and Zelina Vega added her weight and the referee didn’t see it.

Amazingly, Andrade got the clean win for the second fall. Mysterio hit the 619 but he missed the frog splash when Andrade lifted his knees.

Andrade then hit the hammerlock DDT and got the second fall and the win.

Winner: Andrade (***)

Michael Cole had a video interview with Stone Cold Steve Austin about Seth Rollins win last night against Brock Lesnar.

Austin said that Seth Rollins said this is all he has and all he has got. Austin said that was how he lived during his career, basically saying that Rollins is like he used to be in WWE.

They are selling Rollins hard using legends to put him over.

Drew McIntyre vs. Cedric Alexander

This is a grudge match because Drew McIntyre was sick of Cedric Alexander getting involved in his business.

No one expects Cedric to win these matches but he really looked like he could have won several times in this match. Honestly, this was one of the best matches on Monday Night Raw in a very long time.

This match was amazing and both men deserve to be at the top of WWE. Drew McIntrye is the best of the big men heels in WWE and might be the best in years.

McIntrye won with the Claymore Kick but not until after Cedric hit an amazing Spanish Fly that almost won for him.

Winner: Drew McIntyre (****)

No Way Jose vs. Bobby Roode

This match kind of came out of nowhere with a former wrestler champion that is directionless right now (Roode) and a guy who has been a jobber since he came up from NXT (Jose).

No Way Jose seems to be moving away from the Congo Line. However, Roode is still treated like a star and got the win. Whether WWE does anything with it is still to be determined.

Winner: Bobby Roode (* 1/2)

Paul Heyman was backstage and revealed that there was no rematch for Brock Lesnar and he was at a loss for words.

The Revival vs. Lucha House Party

Remember before The Revival was the Raw tag team champions. T, they battled with Lucha House Party and were mad because of the 3 on 2 aspects. This is the first time The Revival have appeared since losing their tag titles.

The match stopped when R-Truth ran out with his 24/7 title. Carmella tripped Drake Maverick. Lucha House Party attacked everyone but then The Revival pinned R-Truth and became co-champions. Carmella pulled R-Truth back on top of Scott Dawson after Kalisto attacked him and he won the title again.

R-Truth went backstage and celebrated. Elias took a guitar and hit R-Truth from behind, winning the title for the third time.

Winner: Elias (*)

Natalya came out to the ring next and she is already crying. Her arm was in a sling. Natalya said she takes nothing back and meant everything she said about Becky Lynch.

Natalya started to talk about her father Jim Neidhart. There were some a-holes in the audience chanting, which is BS since it is one year since her dad died.


Sasha Banks hugged Natalya but then attacked her. Sasha’s purple hair was a wig and she really has blue hair and then she beat the hell out of Natalya. She then mocked Natalya missing her dad.

Fans: “Thank you Sasha.” LOL, that is sad but funny.


Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks will rule the world! Sasha with a chair shot to Becky’s back. Another one. And another, another, another, another.

That was amazing.

The Viking Raiders vs. Carter Mason and Sebastian Suave

Carter Mason is known as Canadian Cocaine and Sebastian Suave worked for Border City Wrestling among others. Suave is actually a former champion but … yeah, this is a squash.

Viking Raiders destroy!

Winners: Viking Raiders (**)

WWE Women’s Tag Titles: Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross vs. Kabuki Warriors

Paige was not with the Kabuki Warriors tonight and she won’t be with them for a while.

It looks like the absence of Paige hurt the tag team when it came to working together. Things went badly when Asuka missed a kick from outside the ring and slammed her leg into the ring post.

Then, Nikki Cross played possum before hitting a neckbreaker on Kairi Sane. Bliss hit the Twisted Bliss for the win.

Winner: Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross (***)

Seth Rollins vs. AJ Styles

This is a Champion vs. Champion match but no titles are on the line.

This match was a great one but it didn’t end cleanly, which makes sense for a big match like this on Eaw.

The match ended with Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson attacking Seth Rollins and Styles losing by DQ.

Ricochet came down for the save, but the OC destroyed Ricochet and then focused on Rollins again.

AJ Styles tried to hit Seth Rollins with the Styles Clash from the top buckle but Braun Strowman came in and attacked both men. AJ Styles took the fight to Strowman.

So, it looks like they might be going with AJ Styles vs. Seth Rollins for the world title and maybe have Braun Strowman team with Ricochet to challenge The OC for the tag team titles?

Braun Strowman brought in the Universal title to hand it to Seth Rollins but gave it a look first. The two men shook hands in a sign of respect.

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