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WWE Monday Night Raw recap, results, grades and review: The Extreme Rules go-home show

WWE Monday Night Raw recap, results, grades and review: The Extreme Rules go-home show
Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans take out Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch. Pic credit: WWE

WWE Monday Night Raw this week did exactly what last week’s show did — it started with a match instead of talking.

This is the last WWE Monday Night Raw before Extreme Rules on Sunday.

Elimination Match: Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch vs. Andrade and Zelina Vega

Right upfront, it has to be mentioned that this match makes no sense at all. If one person is pinned, they are eliminated but what if the second fall eliminates the opposite sex from the other team.

The only reason for this was to have “no wrestling during commercials” which is just making things dumber and dumber when it comes to matchmaking.

The match itself was decent and Andrade looked ok in his limited time he had here (with no wrestling during commercials, no one will get a lot of in-ring time anymore).

Becky Lynch made Zelina tap out and then Seth Rollins pinned Andrade with The Stomp.

Winners: Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch (***)

After the match, Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch celebrated at the top of the ramp and Baron Corbin ran out and attacked him. Becky tried to fight him but Lacey Evans showed up and hit her with the Woman’s Right knockout punch.

Paul Heyman came out after the match to huge cheers and ECW chants. It will be hard for Heyman to remain a heel now that he is trying to turn around Raw as the head of creative.

Back from commercials, Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans talk about how being in love is a liability, not an asset, which gives them the advantage on Sunday.

Back to the ring, Heyman talked about Extreme Rules on Sunday and reminded fans that he knows something about the word “extreme.” It takes place in Philadelphia, and he knows a lot about “extreme in Philadelphia.”

This Sunday, Brock Lesnar will cash in his Money in the Bank contract against either Seth Rollins or Kofi Kingston, and that is a spoiler. He then said every spoiler since WrestleMania 30 has come true but that makes this a good time to lie — but is he?

That was nice, short, and to the point.

Up next is a look back at the moment last week where Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley crashed through the video board and ended up stretchered out after everything exploded around them.

Bobby Lashley said next time he sees Braun Strowman, he will send him to the morgue. This Sunday, the two fight in the Last Man Standing Match at WWE Extreme Rules.

Backstage, Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre asked the garbage man if he wants to be Roman Reigns’ partner tonight in a tag team match.

2/3 Falls Match: Miz and The Usos vs. Elias and The Revival

Yet again, this is another match made just to allow for commercial breaks without any wrestling action going on.

The first fall took place when The Miz started fighting with Elias outside the ring. Elias finally ran away and walked out on the match and while The Usos were watching him leave. The Revival hit the Shatter Machine for the first fall.

The Miz made up for it when he pinned Scott Dawson to tie up the series 1-1. The Usos then hit the third fall quick with a flying body splash.

Winners: The Usos and The Miz (**)

There is also a Beat the Clock match tonight (another reason to have commercial breaks).

24/7 time as they show last week when Drake Maverick beat R-Truth and won the title before heading off for his honeymoon.

There is then videos of Drake showing off his title more than he does his own wife on the honeymoon, holding it up in front of her face continuously.

Drake Maverick is at Raw with his wife. She won’t consummate their marriage until he proves he loves her as much as he loves his title. The wrestlers who want his title show up and chase him off.

Backstage. Shane and Drew are talking to the beer guy about being their partner.

Rey Mysterio is back from his injury. Rey wants an opponent. He doesn’t care who it is and issues an open challenge. He said that doctors told him he would be out for a long time but he rehabbed hard, beat the doctor’s predictions and he is back.

Bobby Lashley answers the challenge.

Rey Mysterio vs. Bobby Lashley

Rey attacked as soon as Lashley came into the ring. However, he had no chance and Lashley destroyed Rey, beating him down and then killing him with a spear.

This was what Lashley needs to make himself a legit star again. It was a squash match win over one of the best wrestlers in WWE history.

Lashley then picked up Rey and went to throw him through the video wall, hoping for a replay of what took out Braun Strowman last week. Three referees stopped him so Lashley threw Rey onto them.

He then took the mic and said last week he was the last man standing and at Extreme Rules, he will be last man standing again.

Winner: Bobby Lashley (***)

AJ Styles, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson show up and when Charlie asks why they did what they did to Ricochet, Styles said he owes no one an explanation and neither Gallows nor Anderson want to talk either.

Cesaro vs. No Way Jose

A video clip from last week where Cesaro destroyed No Way Jose before their match starts. Cesaro looked disgusted at the Conga Line and he tries to chase them off.

No Way Jose comes out to help them and attacks Cesaro early.

Cesaro wins anyway, in pretty businesslike fashion with the Sharpshooter. This was no-nonsense from Cesaro — no Big Swing, no Neutralizer, nothing.

Winner: Cesaro (**)

The Street Profits are backstage and they are wearing their NXT tag team titles. They are here to pimp Extreme Rules on Sunday. They predict that Undertaker and Roman Reigns will win on Sunday.

A flashback to last week’s Maria “I’m pregnant” moment and her dressing down of her husband, Mike, including Mike tapping out to Becky Lynch. Maria said that the only man there that night was The Man, and maybe next time, she will ask Becky to impregnate her.

Mike shows up and apologizes to Maria and she asks for ice cream and pickles.

Maria: “What kind of man taps out to a woman?”

Tonight, Alexa Bliss and Bayley will each wrestle in a Beat the Clock Challenge Match. If Bayley wins, she chooses the stipulation for her match with Alexa on Sunday at Extreme Rules. If Nikki wins, Alexa gets to choose the stipulation.

Bayley tells Nikki Cross that Alexa Bliss is still using her. Nikki flips and says that Bayley has been jealous of Alexa since Day 1 and she wants to shut her up.

Backstage, R-Truth and Carmella are looking for Drake Maverick. R-Truth wants his baby back and then Drake runs by with everyone chasing him. R-Truth then runs the other direction.

The Viking Raiders vs. Colin and Devin Justin

Viking Raiders could have won fast after Ivar hit a splash from the top turnbuckle but they wouldn’t pin the dude. Erik then lifted both men at the same time and slammed them. The Viking Experience finally ended it.

Good squash match.

The 24/7 guys chased Drake Maverick to the ring. Viking Raiders killed a couple of them but R-Truth got away without getting hurt.

Winners: The Viking Raiders (**)

Charlie is backstage with Roman Reigns and he doesn’t seem concerned, saying his team is the only one playing mind games since he is teaming at Extreme Rules with The Undertaker.

Ricochet vs. Luke Gallows

Ricochet said that he was excited to prove himself against AJ Styles and he did that last week. Ricochet said that he knows that tonight, he will be outnumbered and in the end, he will fight all three.

The Club came out to AJ Styles’ music.

Styles tells Ricochet to slow down and appreciate the moment and appreciate Gallows stomping a mudhole in him tonight. Styles them shows video from last week when they killed Ricochet.

Gallows dominated but Ricochet got the win with a fluke roll-up. After the match, AJ Styles said that Ricochet said he would fight all three, so if he was man enough, he would fight Karl Anderson next.

Winner: Ricochet (**)

Ricochet vs. Karl Anderson

This match was much better than the one against Luke Gallows, but that is expected since Karl Anderson is a great singles wrestler.

Anderson looked good but Ricochet won — this time with his legit finisher. After the match, AJ Styles ran in and attacked Ricochet and beat him down. Gallows then started laying in punches as well.

AJ Styles then asked to hit the Styles Clash from the buckle but then didn’t do it. He told Ricochet to stay down and he would let him survive.

Ricochet stood up anyway so AJ Styles came in and hit the Phenomenal Forearm to Ricochet.

AJ Styles: “That is too sweet.”

Winner: Ricochet (***)

WWE promotes EVOLVE, which will air its anniversary special live on WWE Network on Saturday — the first indie promotion WWE has ever aired on the Network live.

Shane and Drew pay a dude $5,000 to wrestle tonight as Roman Reigns’ tag team partner.

Beat the Clock Challenge: Bayley vs. Sarah Logan

Sarah Logan actually looked really good in this match and dominated Bayley for much of the match. Bayley was able to fight back from behind.

Bayley won in 4:32.

Winner: Bayley (**)

Beat the Clock Challenge: Nikki Cross vs. Dana Brooke

In a strange move, Dana Brooke kept leaving the ring to cause the time to tick down. Then, Dana smiled and hugged Bayley (who is supposed to be a pure babyface — but this doesn’t look like one).

Dana actually went for a Swanton and missed it, but then no-sold the miss. Mikki Cross won anyway in 1:50. This means Alexa Bliss gets to choose the stipulation.

Nikki Cross asked for a microphone and told Bayley to come into the ring because she wanted to say something to her face. She said that Bayley probably doesn’t understand what real friendship means.

Nikki Cross said that the stipulation will be a 2-on-1 handicap match with Bayley vs. Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross at Extreme Rules. She then tells Bayley to find a real friend who can slap some sense into her.

Bayley then slaps Nikki Cross and then hits the Bailey to Belly. Bayley then went up top and hit the flying elbow onto Cross.

Winner: Nikki Cross (* 1/2)

Mike Kanellis shows up with the ice cream and pickles but she doesn’t want them anymore. Maria then tells Mike he will never impregnate himself again and she said she isn’t sure he is even the father this time.

Corey Graves went backstage and asked Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch if their relationship will get in the way of their match on Sunday.

Becky Lynch does the talking, mocks Corey Graves for pretending to be a journalist, and said there is no problems. Seth Rollins put his arm around Graves and smiled the entire time.

Rollins: “What she said.”

Kofi Kingston flipping off Samoa Joe last week was shown and then the Street Profits were watching. One of them tries to mimick The Rock and the other stops him.

They pick Joe to win.

They pick Baron Corbin and then laugh about it. They pick Becky Lynch.

Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre vs. Roman Reigns and Gary the Goat

Gary the Goat, who was getting $5,000 for this, came out in a mask and a jumpsuit.

Roman accidentally was tagged out and Drew and Shane started to attack Gary but the man fought back and hit some big moves, including impressive everyone.

Drew ended up coming in and hitting the Claymore Kick for the win.

After the match, Roman helped Gary take off the mask, and it was Cedric Alexander.

Winners: Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre (**)

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