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WWE legend compares Sami Zayn to Stone Cold Steve Austin

WWE legend compares Sami Zayn to Stone Cold Steve Austin
Sami Zayn is perfecting his new anti-smark gimmick. Pic credit: WWE

Sami Zayn has a new gimmick that is making the Internet wrestling fans furious. As a result, WWE Hall of Fame legend Mark Henry says that Zayn is doing his job perfectly and is the best promo in wrestling today.

The new gimmick is simple. Sami Zayn is coming into the ring and calling out the overly critical wrestling fans for their constant complaints.

Zayn calls himself the critic of the critics.

This is a gimmick that Sami Zayn came up with on his own and Mark Henry previously said that WWE is letting Zayn go out without a script and just cut loose on the fans who claim online that they hate everything about wrestling — but keep watching anyway.

These fans have always been referred to as Smarks, which means “smart marks.” A mark is someone who buys into wrestling as being real — a term coined originally from carnival marks, the people who easily give up their money to be sold a lie.

The smart refers to the fact that they know professional wrestling is scripted storylines. As a smark, they know wrestling is scripted but are easily swayed to believe what they are sold anyway — often to the point of intense anger.

Sami Zayn’s gimmick has him calling these fans “entitled” people who believe they should only get what they specifically want and will cry about it online constantly if they don’t — even if the majority of fans like what they are getting.

“They’re listening to him, and they’re learning from him, and he is the best promo in wrestling today,” Henry says of the wrestling fans. “There’s no one close. Sami is giving an opinion that is so polarizing, that you have to sit there and listen, even if you disagree.”

He went on to compare Zayn to Stone Cold Steve Austin, who Mark Henry knew well from their days together in the Attitude Era.

“The things that he’s saying are hitting him, and you can tell who he is affecting,” Henry said. “Sami is doing Steve Austin type promos. Steve Austin was going to the ring and not trying to make the crowd feel good. He’s going to get his point across, and you’re going to listen.”

Sami Zayn is on WWE Monday Night Raw every Monday night at 8/7c on USA Network.

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