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WWE is reportedly the reason CM Punk is not coming out of retirement

WWE is reportedly the reason CM Punk is not coming out of retirement
CM Punk is not coming back to WWE anytime soon. Pic credit: WWE

CM Punk returned to WWE television with a spot on WWE Backstage, a weekly talk show that goes behind the scenes of WWE entertainment.

However, Punk is a Fox employee and not an employee of WWE.

CM Punk has also mentioned that he would consider coming back out of retirement, but there had to be a lot of things right first.

Wrestling Observer Radio has revealed why that is not likely to happen in WWE.

WWE still holds a grudge against CM Punk

According to Dave Meltzer, the fact that CM Punk has not returned to WWE as a wrestler or on a show like Monday Night Raw or SmackDown Live is more because WWE does not want him back.

The report indicates that WWE has enough part-time stars right now and that adding another in CM Punk would be one too many.

WWE is happy with guys like Undertaker, Bill Goldberg, and Edge coming back to do limited dates. They feel they don’t need someone who caused as many problems as CM Punk reportedly did to return as well, part-time.

Meltzer said there is still a lot of bitterness on how CM Punk left last time around, and it is almost all on the WWE side.

CM Punk has said he could consider a return

As for CM Punk, he has said that he might consider a WWE return if the deal was right.

It would need to be part-time, the money would need to be right, and there would need to be a good reason, storyline-wise, as to why he is coming back.

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CM Punk has no intention of returning just to pop the audience, and it would have to be something that would sell him on wanting to come back and tell a new story.

Plus, as CM Punk has said many times before, the phone works both ways, and he would want WWE to attempt to reach out to him before the two sides could ever even consider mending fences.

Meltzer also talked about why CM Punk is rarely on WWE Backstage.

He said that the contract with Fox is likely just a part-time deal as well, likely for only one show a month.

Renee Young and Booker T hold down the WWE Backstage hosting duties, and several stars have dropped in as co-hosts, including Paige, Christian, Samoa Joe, and Mark Henry.

CM Punk is only there sometimes, and it sounds like that will be the extent of his WWE action.

WWE Backstage airs on Tuesdays at 11/10c on FS1.

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