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WWE insiders angry about AEW Dynamite Brodie Lee sketch

WWE insiders angry about AEW Dynamite Brodie Lee sketch
Brodie Lee makes his in-ring debut in AEW. Pic credit: TNT

On AEW Dynamite this week, the former Luke Harper, Brodie Lee, made his in-ring debut for the company.

However, before he came out to wrestle, AEW had a promo where Brodie Lee had a steak dinner with two members of The Dark Order — Alex Reynolds and John Silver.

For fans who know insider baseball from WWE, it was clear that Brodie Lee was throwing more shade at Vince McMahon.

According to Dave Meltzer, there are people within WWE who are very upset about that sketch.

Brodie Lee throws shade at Vince McMahon

When Brodie Lee made his AEW debut last week, he was revealed as the Exalted One, someone teased at for three months.

Before Brodie Lee showed up last week, he cut a promo where he let Christopher Daniels know that he was “dangerous” and would be dealt with.

Brodie pointed out that Daniels didn’t have faith in him, but he wasn’t the “only out of touch old man who didn’t believe in him.”

That was clearly a jab at Vince McMahon who refused to push Luke Harper, with one reason being that he didn’t think his voice was good enough for promos.

Luke Harper was more than ready to get out of WWE and left that identity behind. However, now he has a chance to throw these shots.

It continued this week with some big inside jokes.

He was having a steak dinner with two of his minions. When John Silver tried to eat too, he threw him out.

This was an inside joke about an incident at Morton’s Steakhouse where McMahon had to eat before anyone else. See, he didn’t want anyone to “beat him” at being finished.

Then, Alex Reynolds sneezed and Brodie Lee flipped out and threw him out. This is because McMahon hates when people sneeze around him because he hates anything people have no control over.

It was funny.

WWE insiders are mad

Now the word comes that people inside WWE are angry at the sketch that dared to poke fun at Vince McMahon.

This seems silly.

Unless people know these stories about Vince McMahon, no one watching at home would get it.

More likely, people might get mad at the sneezing because of the current coronavirus pandemic, not because Brodie Lee was making fun of a billionaire.

Plus, does anyone remember these?

WWE made fun of Ted Turner when they competed with WCW. They can’t say anything about a small funny sketch by Brodie Lee.

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