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WWE ignores brand split by announcing Wildcard Rules

WWE ignores brand split by announcing Wildcard Rules
Vince McMahon started the Wildcard rules. Pic credit: WWE

The opening of WWE Monday Night Raw this week resulted in a ridiculous moment. Roman Reigns opened the show as he threatened to on Twitter.

Vince McMahon came out and confronted Roman about coming to Raw despite being a SmackDown Live superstar. This played into the social media interaction where WWE denied Reigns would be there and Roman showed up anyway.

After this, things got ridiculous.

Daniel Bryan, another SmackDown Live superstar came out next. Then, Kofi Kingston, the world champion on SmackDown Live came out after that to stand up to Bryan, as this was DB’s first appearance since he lost the title at WrestleMania 35.

McMahon then made a fool of himself by claiming that there is now something called the Wildcard where three Raw superstars can be invited to show up on SmackDown each week and vice versa.

The three men in the ring looked at McMahon like he was an idiot for taking responsibility for them showing up.

After this, McMahon booked two WrestleMania 35 rematches — one with Roman Reigns battling Drew McIntyre and one with Kofi Kingston fighting Daniel Bryan in a world title match.

The big thing here is that the Wildcard means that the brand split means less. The titles are still exclusive but if the superstars from one brand can move over to the other, that means even less time for the mid-card stars that get less time as it is.

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