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WWE has a surprising reaction to Dean Ambrose leaving the company

Seth Rollins pinning Dean Amrbose in the WWE
The WWE wants to lock up wrestlers like Seth Rollins, who is pinning Dean Ambrose here. Pic credit: WWE

The WWE announced that Dean Ambrose was leaving the company when his contract expires in April, but after that, they surprised some wrestlers with how they responded to the announcement.

We reported on Monday night that Ambrose asked for his release and the WWE confirmed it on Tuesday with a public post on their website.

However, instead of the usual flippant “wish you the best in your future endeavors” statement, the WWE said they hope that Ambrose will come back in the future and thanked him for everything.

Then, on Tuesday night, WWE officials showed up backstage at SmackDown Live and approached a ton of their superstars.

What is WWE doing after Dean Ambrose quit?

The WWE was reportedly taken by shock when Dean Ambrose announced he was leaving the company. They offered him a huge raise (he was already making over a million a year) and he turned it down.

Ambrose has been saving his money and has a net worth of over $7 million. He made it clear that he preferred to work somewhere that he had more control and it was said he was not happy with the goofy storylines the WWE wrote for him.

PWInsider reports that the WWE officials hit up a ton of their bigger stars who have contract expiring in the next year or two. They want to avoid what just happened with Dean Ambrose — especially since AEW wrestling is coming onto the scene with a lot of money to spend.

The WWE asked many of them to sign new extensions with the company. The idea was for the superstars to sign new five-year deals, which is what Kevin Owens and The Miz recently signed. This would lock up their bigger stars and keep them away from AEW wrestling.

According to reports, the WWE superstars backstage were “amazed” as they watched the officials trying to lock up new contracts.

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